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You’re Just Not Special Enough

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on June 30, 2011 by conservativewerewolf

Tracy Morgan, get it through your head: being black, liberal and famous is not going to give you a pass to say shit like this.  People are getting pissed and it won’t be long before the question to the answer “Beats the hell outta me” is “Who the heck is Tracy Morgan?”

Conservative Werewolf looks forward to that day.

While the media will give libs a pass to a certain degree, they are nowhere near as protected as the mentally and physically handicapped (unless your mom is Sarah Palin).  Protecting the weak makes more sense than protecting the arrogant, even to our retarded media.

Yes, I just called the media retarded.  Because they can help it.

And yes, yes, free speech, etc.  I certainly don’t advocate silencing the man.  I advocate ignoring him.

Beginning now.