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The Answer is Racism

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Or, yet another reason why NPR is a waste of your money.

So, African-American girls are being punished in school more harshly and more frequently than their non-black peers, according to this article, which asks us “what happens when we see discipline disparities, whether in the form of suspension or expulsions?”

Back up there, now.  There’s a more pressing question that cannot simply be answered by “racism” or “sexism” or “normative ideas about female behavior” (“normative” is a bad word, in case you didn’t know): Why?

First, here are some of the numbers, according to the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights School Discipline Snapshot (March 2014): Black girls are suspended at a rate of 12%, whereas the rate for white boys is 6% and white girls 2%.  (Boys of all races receive about 2/3 of all suspensions).

So, this is, as they say, “a thing.”  The article addresses the question of why by asking another question: “are African-American girls being punished for not fitting into normative ideas about female behavior? That’s a real concern.”

This question appears directly after this: “We know that the research says that African-American students are not misbehaving more frequently or more seriously than their peers, but they are punished more harshly. So that really gets to the root of what racial and gender stereotypes are fueling some of the disparities that we’re seeing.”

In other words, African-American students don’t misbehave more often or any worse than kids of other races; they just behave DIFFERENTLY.  And their culturally ignorant teachers suspend them for it.


I agree with the article that we need more research into “the challenges facing African-American girls as well as African-American boys.”  Not because I know if there is currently a dearth of such research (because I don’t), but because more information can only help (because knowledge is power!).

HOWEVER, if this article were a person, and punching people in the face weren’t illegal, I would do just that.  How dare this article absolve students of any responsibility for their own actions, and imply (very strongly) that teachers of African-American girls are, by and large, racist?  Does this deflection help kids who misbehave badly enough to be suspended? No!  In fact, it insults them.  Oh, your actions, which aren’t necessarily bad, just different from some people’s concepts of appropriate behavior, aren’t your own fault; they’re the result of your school not having as many resources as other schools.

Gag me with a spoon.

By the way, the article recommends “eliminating overly punitive discipline practices.”  Which means what?  Are we talking about the paddle?  Can I get some specifics?

How on EARTH is anyone supposed to help these girls if people won’t acknowledge that it’s okay to have certain standards of behavior in schools, and that some kids, are in fact, acting in unacceptable (“non-normative”) ways?  Kids don’t act out for no reason – they may not be what adults would call legitimate reasons, or they might be perfectly understandable – either way, kids needs standard, as well as mature, caring adults to lay down the law consistently.  If that means some kids get suspended more than others, so be it.

It might not seem “fair.”  It could be that a higher percentage of African-American girls is dealing with more difficult issues beyond their control than other girls their age.  That’s not fair, but it may very well be reality.  They, like all students, need understanding.  They need to know that the adults around them care about them (there are still good teachers/admins out there!).  They may need a healthy dose of long-term counseling, depending on their situations.

What they don’t need are double-speak excuses.

[And any teachers/administrators who are actually racist and disciplining students based on their stupid racist worldviews need to be slapped twice and fired, but that should go without saying.]



Feminists Promoting Weak Women

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No, don’t learn to defend yourself against potential attackers – teach men not to rape.

Yeah, someone once tried to teach me pre-calculus.  Didn’t stick.  Guess my brain doesn’t work that way.  Or maybe I just didn’t give two shits.

Miss Nevada is taking hits on Twitter for suggesting that women should consider learning to physically defend themselves to prevent rape.

A modern-day warrior princess, Nia Sanchez will kick your ass if you try to fuck with her.  You have been warned.

A modern-day warrior princess, Nia Sanchez will kick your ass if you try to fuck with her. You have been warned.

The liberal responses were oh so predictable, as liberal “thought” has been in a swirling-down-the-toilet nose dive for the last several decades.

The next time some twit tweets that we should substitute “teaching men not to rape” (as if that will guarantee the desired outcome) for making smart decisions, using common sense, and learning how to kick ass, ask what she plans to do in the meantime.  Because some people are slow learners.   We don’t all learn in the same way.  So, while these teachers (whoever they may be) are trying to work out a way to reach multiple-conviction (misunderstood) Marcus with the “don’t rape” message, how will said twit keep herself safe?

Seriously, do they expect this master plan to work instantaneously?  Even if it COULD work with 100% success (and what stupid liberal plan ever does?), there will be some length of time between now and implementation and another length of time between implementation and complete success.

Also, let’s ask – what is the plan, exactly?  How do we teach people not to rape?  Should we adopt a Vygotskyan educational theory, or revisit Piaget?  To what degree should we teach visually? Auditorily? (Personally, I prefer kinesthetically – to the nose.  BAM, motherfucker!).  Will this education be mandatory?  How will we ensure full compliance by those not in the school system?  (I know! A “don’t rape” version of sexual harassment e-learning!  Available at your local library and for download to the device of your choice!)

I fucking hate feminism.

Even Xena is fed up with this shit.

Even Xena is fed up with this shit.





Microchip = Mark of the Beast?

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No, the Conservative Werewolf is not a religious fanatic, or any kind of fanatic, even though she may occasionally refer to herself in the third person.

But you know, I might become one if anyone tries to force me to carry a tracking device.  I’ve committed no felonies, and the fur doesn’t make me a dog.  Unfortunately, it seems some young humans are being confused with canines at a school district in San Antonio, where they’re being forced to carry tracking devices on their person while at school.

One high school student says she finds the chip analogous to the Mark of the Beast, and doesn’t want to carry it.  Teachers and administrators have reportedly  responded by bullying her, even going so far as to prevent her from voting for homecoming king and queen, even though she has a school-issued ID.

But that’s not the worst of it!  Her parents have tried to get the school to make an exception for her, based not only on civil liberties, but also on religious freedom [Yeah, I gotta remember that Mark of the Beast thing. “I’m sorry, but your bullshit is against my religion!”] – however, that’s not going so well.

WND reported that Lone-Star statist superintendent Ray Galindo told her parents something to the effect of:

“If she is allowed to forego the tracking now, he continued, it could only be a matter of time before the school signs off on making location-monitoring mandatory and the repercussions will be more than just revoking voting rights for homecoming contests.”

Which illustrates the power one person can have.  Yes, the school will hit back harder, but really, how much can they do?  They cannot by law refuse any student an education.  So, they’ve issued a vague threat [no popularity contests for you!] and a specific one: making mandatory chip-wearing OFFICIALLY mandatory (if it’s not mandatory already, why can’t she opt out?).   This is pathetic!

Just think – if this disturbingly authoritarian pushback is how they respond to one student, they must be DESPERATE to keep her in line, lest other students follow her example and bring the whole system down!

Oh, and check THIS threat out:

I urge you to accept this solution so that your child’s instructional program will not be affected. As we discussed, there will be consequences for refusal to wear an ID card as we begin to move forward with full implementation,” Galindo continued.

So her “instructional program” will not be affected?  What does that mean, that they’ll use bureaucratic BS to put her in classes that aren’t the best for her if she doesn’t comply?  I’d like to see Galindo explain to a judge just WTF that means.

And Galindo will have to do just that, considering this kind of civil rights issue is what the ACLU is all about, right? Especially considering Galindo not only flat-out tried to trade the family’s silence for cooperation, completely disregarding their right to free speech, but also requested they become puppets for the man:

“The girl’s father, Steve Hernandez, tells WND that the school has been somewhat willing to work with the daughter’s demands, but insists that her family “would have to agree to stop criticizing the program” and start publicly supporting it.”

Oh, the ACLU must be ALL over this!  Right?


“Rebecca Robertson of a local branch of the organization said, “the ACLU of Texas will not be able to represent you or your daughter in this matter,” saying his daughter’s case in particular fails to meet the criteria they use to pick and choose civil liberties cases to take on.”

I’d love to see their criteria list.  But whatever – this just shows you can’t depend on the ACLU (bunch of commies* anyway, so who cares?): the folks in charge there don’t seem to find this kind of authoritarianism concerning.  And you can’t depend on school administrators to do what’s best for the kids, because administrators are people managers, and people who like to manage other people should probably be in therapy.

Screw forced schooling.  If there’s such a problem with truancy, the kids obviously don’t see any benefit in going to your schools.

“But Conservative Werewolf!  If those kids don’t get an education, they won’t be able to get good jobs, and they’ll end up selling crack on the street!  Then we’ll have to pay for their provided attorneys and their stays in prison!  Wouldn’t it be better to buy them breakfast, lunch and textbooks now than to have more violence later?”

And there you have it- the true purpose of mandated schooling: Making the people manageable!  Hey, you said it, I didn’t.

Look, I want all kids to have a good education.  But over the years that we’ve forced kids to attend state-run schools, the levels of education needed to get good jobs have increased.  A high school diploma barely means shit anymore.  These kids could be working to support their families, which is probably what many of them are doing instead of spending a decade learning how to write essays.  While proper and effective punctuation use does make me feel all warm and fuzzy, I’d rather kids learn that in a few years when they’re tiny and get on to more useful pursuits.

And yes, plenty of kids just wanna goof off.  And maybe they’ll end up in jail – but that’s a topic for a whole other post.

But in the meantime, we have an authoritarian school system that isn’t meeting the needs of our kids and young adults, and is resorting to microchips to deal with a truancy problem, instead of radically revamping the schools to make them worth going to for kids other than those who plan to go to college [and whether or not college is worth it… again, another post].

Don’t put up with this shit.  The country will not collapse if students don’t wear trackers that didn’t exist twenty years ago.  And as for education?  Well, what the hell did people do before forced education?

Well, some of them built the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Maybe now others can restore it.

*This is only sort of hyperbolic. The ACLU was founded by Stalinist Roger Baldwin, whose goal was to Soviet-ify the United States of America.  Today’s ACLU may not be full of Communists, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.  Any collection of statists is.

Moar School? Noooooooooooo!

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Listen to the child in all of us, and don’t give them more time to program, er, educate (?) the youth than they’ve already got.

Some Citigroup Council on Foreign Relations Obama Director of the Office of Management and Budget [digression: WHAT budget?] douche says summer makes kids fat and dumb and we should therefore lengthen the school year.

I call bullshit.

Kids don’t need MORE time in institutions.  They need time AWAY from their progressive liberal hippie Marxist teachers.  The older ones need to go out and get JOBS so they can learn about the real world (TAXES), and how to tell when their teachers are full of crap.

They need to go turn over rocks to find out what’s under them, and swim in creeks, and read whatever the fuck they WANT to read (with parental permission, of course).  [You wanna know how to make kids HATE reading?  TELL THEM WHAT THEY HAVE TO READ.]

They don’t need to be in a factory of mediocrity everyday, taking notes on what someone who may not be as not as smart as half of them reads out of a textbook.

Yes, there are great teachers (I had just under one per year) – and THOSE teachers can do amazing things from August/September to May/June.  So why keep kids in school longer?  Why not just hire better teachers? [Well, yes, unions, that’s why.]

Here’s (the other reason) why they want more time with the kiddies: to make them MANAGEABLE.  It’s for their own good, you know.  Otherwise, they’d all become fat and stupid, IN ONLY  THREE MONTHS, according to the linked article.  Whatever would people do without the Department of Education to save us from ourselves?

As if it could.  Plenty of “well-educated” people are going to become fat and stupid anyway.  More “education” is not going to inspire people to get off their asses (fear of starvation would, but I kid when I recommend that).

I don’t suppose it’s occurred to you central-planning/statist types that the problem could be one of quality, not quantity?  That more stimulus won’t create healthy levels of economic growth, and more “education” won’t make people thin and brilliant?

Or maybe you know that.  Hmm.

Guess it’s home-school for my pups.

“Life’s Not Fair” – so keep giving me your money

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From the Washington Examiner:

“‘Life’s not always fair, and I’m sorry about that, but to suggest that we take money from taxpayers and give it to certain taxpayers to use to educate their kids outside of the public school just seems to me to be

‘ [NJEA executive director] Girodana said on a local New Jersey Capitol Report while criticizing the idea of school vouchers. He was responding to a questioner who had just observed that without vouchers, ‘some of these parents,’ the Inquirer relates, ‘can’t afford to take their kids out of failing schools.'”

But it’s okay to take money from taxpayers and give it to other taxpayers who live in Abbott (crappy) districts to prop  up the failing schools the latter’s kids are stuck in.

Ministry of Diversity

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Obama’s created the Office of Diversity, Inclusion; I feel so warm and fuzzy all over I just want to hug everyone!

“The goal is to eliminate demographic group imbalances in targeted occupations and improve workforce diversity. To attain this, special initiatives have been created targeting specific groups, including Hispanics, African Americans, American Indians, women and gays and lesbians. The idea is to create a workforce that truly reflects America’s diversity, according to the Obama Administration.”

Questions:  Is there an imbalance in workforce diversity?  If so, why?

If anyone is going to join the workforce, he or she must be qualified for a job.  Let’s start with rural minority kids (What about the white underprivileged rural boys?  Lemme guess: Uhhh, next question please).  As for Native American kids, I’m willing to bet organizations like Teach for America do more to help them than Obama ever could.  But I have to ask – if your goal is to make the “workplace” more diverse, and you’re going to try to get more Native Americans in this diverse “workplace,” isn’t that a bit like forced assimilation?   I guess it didn’t occur to Obama to ask whether or not they want his help.  Maybe they think he’s a douchebag city-slicker who wouldn’t know real work if it came up behind him and whooped his ass.  Or maybe they don’t.  But I do.

I have a feeling the inner city (usually minority) kids who live off free school meals (blech!) at institutions where they learn more about violence and drugs than prepositions or matrices aren’t going to qualify for nice office jobs when they grow up.  If Obama wants to promote workforce diversity, he needs to do so from the ground up, not the top down.  Give the kids who want to improve themselves school vouchers so they can escape terrible unsafe schools!

Oh, but that’s not necessary – Obama’s going to MAKE it all better, with hope.  And a committee of bureaucrats!  Thank goodness.

And how exactly is this office going to promote the inclusion of gays and lesbians?  Homosexual quotas?  I’ve had so many gay coworkers and managers that the idea is laughable.  Sorry for the momentary optimism, but I honestly believe there’s a place for everyone, and most people want the most competent person for the job (except for those who just want a kiss-ass), regardless of race or sexuality or gender identity.  Now, I have heard people raise a ruckus because they don’t want their kids taught by gay teachers, but that’s a topic worthy of its own post.  I’ll just say for now that several of my gay friends/acquaintances are teachers and things seem to be working out well for them.  The situation for homosexual educators is far from hopeless, and would be even farther, if the economy didn’t SUCK.  Hey Obama, wanna help gay people get jobs?  Stop fucking up the economy!  Of wait, I forgot – the crappy economy isn’t your fault; you’re merely a puppet.  Sorry.

As for women, we’re fine, thank you.  We’re more than fine, actually, since girls routinely outperform boys in school.  Maybe you could stop alienating the future men of America, many of whom do not even know what it means to be a man?  Seriously, the best thing you can do for women is stop pretending we need your help.  I don’t need to prove to any man that I’m just as smart or capable as he is; usually, I am more smart, but can still learn things from men, and I’m more capable at some things, less so at others.  That’s reality, and it’s okay.  If you really want to help women, HELP MEN.  I’m fucking sick of these sad lamewad excuses for men with their self-satisfied attitudes and lack of accomplishments.  They remind me of- well, actually, they remind me of you.

Please stop trying to help.  With everything.  It’s clear you don’t understand reality, or that it’s impossible to impose your ideals on the world, no matter how nice they may be.  I also want workplace diversity, and I experience it every day I’m at work, without your involvement.  I would experience it MORE OFTEN, were I employed full-time.

Speaking of which, what happened to all those jobs you created?  And what do the folks who filled those jobs do when Michelle is away on vacay?