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Is What You Feel What You Are?

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I  keep wondering why the assumed best way to help a person with Gender Identity Disorder (described as feeling like a female in a male body or vice versa) is to change their bodies [change, mutilate, whichever – oh, and don’t click that if you’re eating].

I suppose it’s just easier to hack off an appendage than to address the feelings.  The brain is a complicated thing that we don’t fully understand, and feelings are intangible and unquantifiable.  How can doctors guarantee results, particularly when working with a patient, who, desiring to be the opposite gender, will likely resist efforts to change his mind?  But hacking shit off?  Humans have been doing that for generations!  It’s practically tradition!

Still, what if it’s the wrong approach?  Surgery is a big deal, and, as reported in an article on the increase in children receiving “treatment” for GID, those hormone drugs “especially in high doses when used long-term, can have serious side effects, including blood clots and cancer. Spack [a doctor] said he uses low, safer doses but that patients should be monitored.”  Um, yeah.  Or, how about we try to understand WHY people experience feelings of being in the wrong body?  Have they come in contact with something weird that messed with their brains?  Or, if they were born with this condition, what is different about them that makes their feelings not match their bodies?

What say you, Dr. Jo Olsen, “medical director of a transgender clinic at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.”  She says, “It would be so nice to move this out of the world of mental health, and into the medical world,” Olson said.

Yeah, because if you feel a certain way, you should risk cancer and have surgery to look that way.

I read an article about a five year old boy who feels he is a girl.  His parents took him so a child psychologist:

The dedicated specialists explained to them that gender identity disorder is a conflict between a person’s actual physical gender and the gender that person identifies himself or herself as.

Theresa said: “They told us that although he had a male body, his brain was telling him he was a girl.”

Stupid brains. They can be awesome, but if yours tells you that what you feel is what you are, you should tell it to stop being a hippie.  As Albus Dumbledore, my favorite fictional gay man, said to Harry Potter, “It is our choices Harry, that show what we truly are” (CS18)  Remember that Harry had part of Voldemort’s soul trapped inside him; oftentimes, he felt Voldemort-ish (eeevil), and even took on Voldie’s ability to speak to snakes.  That, however, did not make him Voldemort.  What made him the Harry he grew up into, according to the wise bearded one, were his choices: he was the kind of person he decided to be.  If he decided to be the best parts of himself (brave, loyal and self-sacrificing), then he would be an awesome Gryffindor Jesus-figure who saved the world.  If he decided to be like Voldemort, or even just like an average whiny wussy person (which he could have been – he wasn’t written as a perfect character), he would have been either a complete dick or just a loser who allowed millions to suffer and die.

“What are you saying, Conservative Werewolf – that kids with GID are possessed by Voldemort?”  Uh, no.  (Voldemort is fictional, silly!)  I’m just saying that just because you feel a certain way, that doesn’t mean those feelings should be accepted without question.

Now, if an adult decides to have gender reassignment surgery, that’s fine.  That’s his/her decision.  Good luck, be well.  But to treat surgery/meds or doing nothing as the only two options is absurd and unfair to people with GID.  What if there were a safe treatment that caused a person to feel like the gender they physically are?  Wouldn’t this non-invasive treatment be a better option than surgery?  I hope someone out there is working on one so we can offer people a choice.


Stupid Women: Stop being terrible people and making the rest of us look like monsters

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Yes, I wandered into THAT part of teh Interwebs again and found myself at a website for women.

Generally, I really fucking hate any media geared toward women.   Lifetime TV? Horrific tales of child abduction and abuse that the occasional episode of Designing Women does not make up for.  The View?  All I hear is *cackle cackle SCREEECH*  Jezebel?  Tacky women bitching about the patriarchy trying to control their bodies or some crap.

How can a woman so detest entertainment made specifically for her?  Because it isn’t actually made for me – it’s made for stupid crazy whores by people who either are stupid crazy whores themselves, or believe the majority of women are stupid crazy whores.

This delightful little number about women’s top three sexual fantasies was presumably written by a woman (Tracey COULD be a man’s name, or perhaps a nom de plume) who needs to learn to keep some things to herself.  Women, apparently, most fantasize about the following three scenarios:

1) “He’s a virgin – and you’re Mrs.  Robinson.”

2) “He’s your sex slave.”

3) “You’re abducted by a stranger.”

Let’s address these one by one.

1) You say “The Graduate,” but I think of this.  The author describes that the male in the scenario is supposedly thinking “What will his mom say if she finds out?”  Uh, if a guy is worried about what his mom is gonna think, just how old is he supposed to be?  This is NOT APPEALING.  Oh, and if you like this and you’re a teacher, quit your job.  Now.

Or, maybe I’m just weird for liking fully grown men, or for not getting off on making others uncomfortable by playing immature power games.

2) Yeah, um, change that “he” to a “she” and tell me if it’s still hot.  Most of us wouldn’t put up with this shit from men – can I get some constancy, please? I would hope no one would find it appealing either way, because sexual slavery is not something sane people fantasize about.

Sane people also don’t sit around and plan out shit like this:

“Start by ordering him to do small tasks ‑- get you a drink, fluff up the pillows, give you a foot massage. Don’t ask, order. Make it clear that you are the boss and he is not to misbehave or he’ll be punished (think of a mild punishment beforehand, like spanking him with the wooden spoon). Try to keep an expressionless face. No Are you okay?, Did I hurt you?, Are you sure you’re enjoying this?This isn’t about him ‑- it’s all about you!”

Okay, how many issues can we name here?  Hedonism, narcissism bordering on solipsism… It gets worse, but if you want to read it, you can do so over at iVillage – I ain’t pasting any more of that bullshit here.

3) Ah yes, the rape fantasy.  Honestly, if you find this appealing, please either go to therapy, or find a better therapist.  Although, I will admit I have fantasized about being abducted – and beating the SHIT out of my abductor, thereby saving not only myself but his would-have-been future victims.  Yeah, that’s the Conservative Werewolf kind of abduction fantasy!

Anyone who’s into this crap is a sick puppy, and anyone who would publish this crap should be publicly shamed.  Why on Earth anyone would praise twisted sexual power games is beyond me.  (I thought we were supposed to be promoting equality between the sexes!  Silly me!)  Between this and the junk that passes for rom-coms these days, I’m starting to wonder if people aren’t actively trying to kill romance.

Yeah, werewolves can be romantic.  Humans?  Maybe, but right now y’all are really sucking at it.

Fuck this – I’ma go watch “You’ve Got Mail.”

Big Sis is Looking out for You!

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And for hairdryers.

Good job, guys.  Lemme know when you stop 13, 382 coyotes.

Oliver Stone’s son converts to Islam and chooses stereotypical name

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I just read that libdouche Oliver Stone’s son has converted to Islam while in Iran working on a documentary.  Part of me hopes he is sincere, that this isn’t merely an attempt to gain the trust of the locals, because, if he professes any other religion (or no religion) later, he’ll be put on a kill list.  Islamic radical militants don’t like apostates.

The best part, of course, is his new name, the second most stereotypical Islamic name after you-know-who’s name: Ali.

I guess this scene just spoke to him:

This musical extravaganza is in spectacular low quality because you can’t have nice things, Iran.  You don’t treat your people well, so no HD for you.

Honestly, WHO goes to Iran and thinks theocracy is so super awesome that he just must convert to their religion? I mean, other than this guy?

What was he thinking?  Well, this:

“The conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with. It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets,” he said in a brief telephone call from the central Iranian city of Isfahan, where he underwent the ceremony.

That’s very nice and accepting of you.  Hope you don’t also decide to get an unapproved haircut while you’re over there.

UPDATE: I knew this guy had to be an idiot because he converted IN IRAN.  Like that’s in any way unlike painting “I’m a huge fucking tool” backwards on his forehead.  Here‘s confirmation of his idiocy – yes, he actually calls Ahmadinejad “misunderstood.”  TOOL.

“Life’s Not Fair” – so keep giving me your money

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From the Washington Examiner:

“‘Life’s not always fair, and I’m sorry about that, but to suggest that we take money from taxpayers and give it to certain taxpayers to use to educate their kids outside of the public school just seems to me to be

‘ [NJEA executive director] Girodana said on a local New Jersey Capitol Report while criticizing the idea of school vouchers. He was responding to a questioner who had just observed that without vouchers, ‘some of these parents,’ the Inquirer relates, ‘can’t afford to take their kids out of failing schools.'”

But it’s okay to take money from taxpayers and give it to other taxpayers who live in Abbott (crappy) districts to prop  up the failing schools the latter’s kids are stuck in.