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Feminists Promoting Weak Women

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No, don’t learn to defend yourself against potential attackers – teach men not to rape.

Yeah, someone once tried to teach me pre-calculus.  Didn’t stick.  Guess my brain doesn’t work that way.  Or maybe I just didn’t give two shits.

Miss Nevada is taking hits on Twitter for suggesting that women should consider learning to physically defend themselves to prevent rape.

A modern-day warrior princess, Nia Sanchez will kick your ass if you try to fuck with her.  You have been warned.

A modern-day warrior princess, Nia Sanchez will kick your ass if you try to fuck with her. You have been warned.

The liberal responses were oh so predictable, as liberal “thought” has been in a swirling-down-the-toilet nose dive for the last several decades.

The next time some twit tweets that we should substitute “teaching men not to rape” (as if that will guarantee the desired outcome) for making smart decisions, using common sense, and learning how to kick ass, ask what she plans to do in the meantime.  Because some people are slow learners.   We don’t all learn in the same way.  So, while these teachers (whoever they may be) are trying to work out a way to reach multiple-conviction (misunderstood) Marcus with the “don’t rape” message, how will said twit keep herself safe?

Seriously, do they expect this master plan to work instantaneously?  Even if it COULD work with 100% success (and what stupid liberal plan ever does?), there will be some length of time between now and implementation and another length of time between implementation and complete success.

Also, let’s ask – what is the plan, exactly?  How do we teach people not to rape?  Should we adopt a Vygotskyan educational theory, or revisit Piaget?  To what degree should we teach visually? Auditorily? (Personally, I prefer kinesthetically – to the nose.  BAM, motherfucker!).  Will this education be mandatory?  How will we ensure full compliance by those not in the school system?  (I know! A “don’t rape” version of sexual harassment e-learning!  Available at your local library and for download to the device of your choice!)

I fucking hate feminism.

Even Xena is fed up with this shit.

Even Xena is fed up with this shit.






THE BRAIN and Politics

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John Sexton at Breitbart points out the foolishness of author (of “The Republican Brain”) Chris Mooney’s assertion that there’s something wrong, something unevolved, in the brains of  Republicans.

Alternet’s Joshua Holland explained at that

“Research suggests that conservatives are, on average, more susceptible to fear than those who identify themselves as liberals. Looking at MRIs of a large sample of young adults last year, researchers at University College London discovered that “greater conservatism was associated with increased volume of the right amygdala. The amygdala is an ancient brain structure that’s activated during states of fear and anxiety.”

The tagline of his article is “Conservatives’ paranoid alternate-reality can be explained by their brain chemistry — and their media choices.”

So stupid libprogs think that a difference between the brains of Democrats and Republicans means Republicans are crazy neanderthals.  You know what the Conservative Werewolf says to that?

Better a Neanderthal than dead.

How many times have I hypothesized that leftists lack normal self-preservation instincts???  How many freaking times???

Well, it all makes sense now. 😛

Avoid the ghetto? Why yes, thank you.

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He specifically named streets I should never drive down.  Why?  Because some people are RACIST (thugs don’t like werewolves) and would go out of their way to hurt me.

Have you ever been led by your GPS through a part of town full of people who SCOWL at your average sedan just for being on their street (Perth Amboy, New Jersey I am looking at YOU)?  Soon, your GPS may be able to offer you the option not to travel through a high-crime area.  Microsoft recently patented a concept for an app (said app is still in development) that will tell your GPS if a lot of crime happens in an area on the shortest route to your destination.

Predictably, some whiny losers at the NAACP are whining about “racism.”

Dallas NAACP president Juanita Wallace apparently does not understand that this app is not mandatory or capable of preventing anyone from driving through the ghetto:

“Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

No, I can’t either.  Stupid human.

OH WAIT, she just equated MLK Blvd. with the ghetto!  That’s RACIST!

Just sayin’.

A Dallas resident named Tommy Jones said:

“From a business standpoint, it could be devastating,” he said. “Especially in the area of tourism.”

Right, because when people unexpectedly wind up driving through the ghetto, their first thought is to get out of the car and buy something.  “Hey, a Subway!  You don’t see those in the ‘burbs!”  And what is this association of high-crime areas with tourism?  If people are getting stabbed outside the museum, guess what – people are going to avoid the museum.  It’s called having the desire to live with all your organs intact – accept it and stop whining.

Wallace continued to demonstrate her lack of willingness or ability to think by stating:

“What happens in North Dallas certainly ought to be no different than what happens in South Dallas, so we can’t keep on doing this… This type of technology is certainly going to pronounce and heighten it to some degree.”

Perhaps it “ought to be” no different, but apparently, it IS, and this app is not going to make it worse.  You know what it might do? It might decrease traffic in some areas (I would say thanks!) by alerting people to the fact that those areas are HIGH CRIME AREAS.  I’m sorry if you want to keep people who don’t know that in the dark (thereby possibly endangering their lives) just so you can pretend no one there hates white or Asian people and that Hispanic and black people in the ghetto just love love love each other.  (And Dominicans and Puerto Ricans usually won’t even let their kids date each other!)  So if you want to take a stand against racism, you should start on MLK Blvd.

And because I don’t want to have to go out of my way when streets are blocked off by police due to a stabbing (Thank you, Newark, New Jersey), if my GPS ever offers me the option to avoid the ghetto, my reply will be, “Yes, let’s.”

Because I talk to my GPS.

Sluts are Predictable

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You know girls, when I wrote “you could organize a Slut Walk,” I didn’t mean it.  I take it back.

Please stop making women look like schmucks and put on some shirts and pants.

The police told you the rapist who’s on the loose in your neighborhood has targeted women wearing skirts and dresses, so they advised you to wear pants.  OH, and not to dress like sluts.  Because it makes you more likely to be targeted by this particular rapist, based on his past assaults.

You could have said, “Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind,” whether or not you intended to alter your manner of dress, and gone about your day, after making a mental note to buy some pepper spray.

But no.  You missed the point entirely and decided it would be a good idea to walk down the street in some come-fuck-me lingerie ensembles.  Of course you didn’t mean it that way, but you have no control over how some jerkface will interpret it.  Yes, I know this isn’t Saudi Arabia – men here are used to seeing some skin and like 90-something percent of them don’t rape women.  But if you KNOW there’s one man in particular, IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, going around raping women wearing cute little skirts and dresses, why would you then walk around with your butt cheeks hanging out of your panties?  At least wear a utility belt with an assortment of legal self-defense items (OR, you could go protest for the right to carry a gun, considering this Slut Walk nonsense isn’t going to stop a rapist from trying to hurt you).

I just don’t understand humans sometimes.  Maybe being half beast gives me some insight into how less civil beings operate.  But even fucking gazelles know when to turn tail and run – they don’t parade their juicy thighs in front of drooling hyenas and expect nothing to happen.  (Clarification: most men are not drooling hyenas – however, your local neighborhood rapist IS.)  Honestly, do you not have a self-preservation instinct?

“But I should be able to wear as little as I want without anyone thinking it’s an invitation!”

Sure, that would be nice.  So would unicorns handing (hoofing?) out sandwiches to the homeless.

As long as there are violent misogynistic assholes in the world, you should be prepared to encounter one.  I don’t want any woman to live in fear, but I especially don’t want any woman to be raped or murdered.  Don’t be naive – it can get you killed.

Now go to the hardware store, buy one of those hotel-door chain/slide locks, install it*, and sign up for a self-defense class.

*If your door isn’t solid wood, you should replace it.  Seriously.  I’m worried about you.

First Female Human Graduated Princeton How?

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Actually, edit that, considering colleges are full of illogical liberal professors who don’t actually have to take risks by testing their theories in the real world.

The question should be, was Michelle Obama so stupid before she went to Princeton, or did it happen to her there?

In AARP Magazine, she discusses explaining the US’s killing of Bin Laden to children:

“I think kids instinctively feel that ambivalence—is this good or is this bad? And then you have to explain in a way that says it’s not good, but it’s good. The older kids, I think, get it. It’s a convoluted set of concepts. But I think they understand, when it’s placed in context.”

Oh God.  Where to start?

If kids are ambivalent about the death of Bin Laden, it’s because THEY DON’T FRICKIN’ REMEMBER 9/11!  They didn’t have their worlds shattered when their parents had to jump to their deaths out 70-something story windows to avoid being burned alive (Suffocating while falling, or roasting?  That’s a tough decision to make in a pinch).  Even kids who live across the country and don’t know anyone personally affected were freaked the hell out.  Why?  Because it happened in their country, the one they thought was safe from terrorist attacks.  If it happened in Manhattan and DC, it could happen in Kansas City (or, say, a field in Pennsylvania).

Of course killing Bin Laden was good because it kept him from brainstorming more mass-death causing attacks.  Convoluted set of concepts, my furry-tailed ass.  Let me simplify: killing people is bad, except when that person is 1) guilty of killing someone, or 2) about to kill someone.  Killing a guy who lives to make his dream of seeing you decapitated, with your guts spilling out all over the White House steps, come true, is actually a GOOD THING.  Like Martha Stewart Living cover-worthy.

Shyte, woman, you are a stupid broad.  But you know what?  I’d kill a terrorist any day to keep you alive.  I’d even do it for your stupid ass socialist husband, and I wouldn’t take two seconds to consider any supposed “complexities” because there would BE NO COMPLEXITIES.  I’d make the ID, verify it, make sure I had the shot, and take it (this is all assuming I’d be allowed to carry a gun – if not, well, you better hope it’s a full moon).  And you know how I’d feel afterward?

Pretty fucking great.

Having to kill people sucks.  But not killing the person who wants you dead, and has proven thousands of times over he has the capability, is stupid.

Honestly, you want to live, right?  Are you sure you don’t need a Zoloft?  You looked pretty happy on vacay in your ugly dresses, so I don’t think that’s the problem, is it?  Oh, I see.  Keeping you alive is a job for lowly people, like the Secret Service.   People too ignorant to be disturbed by the complexities.

Conservative Werewolf does not understand this human.