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Looks like the sun’s gonna have to go

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Did you know the SUN is probably the primary cause of climate change?  Who would have thought, with all those reputable scientists from organizations named with pronounceable acronyms telling us it was US?

Cosmic rays and clouds and OMIGAWD the SUN is going to KILL US ALL with its warming-ness!!!

At least I can fart guilt-free now.

OH, does anyone remember the episode of Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space in which the girls travel to a planet inhabited by giants with sensitive eyes who decide to blot out the sun, until  Melody introduces them to “shades “? Classic.


James O’Keefe Takes a Bite Out of Medicaid Fraud

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Hey liberals, remember when you wanted to “stick it to the man”?

Well, today, you ARE the man.

And the werewolf is laughing her furry butt off at you watching James O’Keefe’s video of a nice, kind caring Medicaid worker assisting a well-to-do lad who lives off his parents’ illegal earnings “get around” the rules.

So, when you’re the man, how do you stick it to him?

You pretend you’re not and then break your own rules, apparently (because rich people need Medicaid, too?).

I Thought About Farming Once

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But I was discriminated against because I’m a werewolf!

Can I get some of that Pigford money?

Yes, I know that just because some black farmers were discriminated against doesn’t mean all black farmers, or werewolves, were discriminated against.   But that hasn’t stopped people from claiming they were discriminated against – or from obtaining settlement money from the USDA/government, oh wait, I mean their fellow Americans.

Thomas Burrell, head of the Black Farmers & Agriculturalists Association explains how easy it was for “farmers” to claim discrimination:

Hmm, Darrell Issa?  What’re you gonna do about that, sweetheart?