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Microchip = Mark of the Beast?

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No, the Conservative Werewolf is not a religious fanatic, or any kind of fanatic, even though she may occasionally refer to herself in the third person.

But you know, I might become one if anyone tries to force me to carry a tracking device.  I’ve committed no felonies, and the fur doesn’t make me a dog.  Unfortunately, it seems some young humans are being confused with canines at a school district in San Antonio, where they’re being forced to carry tracking devices on their person while at school.

One high school student says she finds the chip analogous to the Mark of the Beast, and doesn’t want to carry it.  Teachers and administrators have reportedly  responded by bullying her, even going so far as to prevent her from voting for homecoming king and queen, even though she has a school-issued ID.

But that’s not the worst of it!  Her parents have tried to get the school to make an exception for her, based not only on civil liberties, but also on religious freedom [Yeah, I gotta remember that Mark of the Beast thing. “I’m sorry, but your bullshit is against my religion!”] – however, that’s not going so well.

WND reported that Lone-Star statist superintendent Ray Galindo told her parents something to the effect of:

“If she is allowed to forego the tracking now, he continued, it could only be a matter of time before the school signs off on making location-monitoring mandatory and the repercussions will be more than just revoking voting rights for homecoming contests.”

Which illustrates the power one person can have.  Yes, the school will hit back harder, but really, how much can they do?  They cannot by law refuse any student an education.  So, they’ve issued a vague threat [no popularity contests for you!] and a specific one: making mandatory chip-wearing OFFICIALLY mandatory (if it’s not mandatory already, why can’t she opt out?).   This is pathetic!

Just think – if this disturbingly authoritarian pushback is how they respond to one student, they must be DESPERATE to keep her in line, lest other students follow her example and bring the whole system down!

Oh, and check THIS threat out:

I urge you to accept this solution so that your child’s instructional program will not be affected. As we discussed, there will be consequences for refusal to wear an ID card as we begin to move forward with full implementation,” Galindo continued.

So her “instructional program” will not be affected?  What does that mean, that they’ll use bureaucratic BS to put her in classes that aren’t the best for her if she doesn’t comply?  I’d like to see Galindo explain to a judge just WTF that means.

And Galindo will have to do just that, considering this kind of civil rights issue is what the ACLU is all about, right? Especially considering Galindo not only flat-out tried to trade the family’s silence for cooperation, completely disregarding their right to free speech, but also requested they become puppets for the man:

“The girl’s father, Steve Hernandez, tells WND that the school has been somewhat willing to work with the daughter’s demands, but insists that her family “would have to agree to stop criticizing the program” and start publicly supporting it.”

Oh, the ACLU must be ALL over this!  Right?


“Rebecca Robertson of a local branch of the organization said, “the ACLU of Texas will not be able to represent you or your daughter in this matter,” saying his daughter’s case in particular fails to meet the criteria they use to pick and choose civil liberties cases to take on.”

I’d love to see their criteria list.  But whatever – this just shows you can’t depend on the ACLU (bunch of commies* anyway, so who cares?): the folks in charge there don’t seem to find this kind of authoritarianism concerning.  And you can’t depend on school administrators to do what’s best for the kids, because administrators are people managers, and people who like to manage other people should probably be in therapy.

Screw forced schooling.  If there’s such a problem with truancy, the kids obviously don’t see any benefit in going to your schools.

“But Conservative Werewolf!  If those kids don’t get an education, they won’t be able to get good jobs, and they’ll end up selling crack on the street!  Then we’ll have to pay for their provided attorneys and their stays in prison!  Wouldn’t it be better to buy them breakfast, lunch and textbooks now than to have more violence later?”

And there you have it- the true purpose of mandated schooling: Making the people manageable!  Hey, you said it, I didn’t.

Look, I want all kids to have a good education.  But over the years that we’ve forced kids to attend state-run schools, the levels of education needed to get good jobs have increased.  A high school diploma barely means shit anymore.  These kids could be working to support their families, which is probably what many of them are doing instead of spending a decade learning how to write essays.  While proper and effective punctuation use does make me feel all warm and fuzzy, I’d rather kids learn that in a few years when they’re tiny and get on to more useful pursuits.

And yes, plenty of kids just wanna goof off.  And maybe they’ll end up in jail – but that’s a topic for a whole other post.

But in the meantime, we have an authoritarian school system that isn’t meeting the needs of our kids and young adults, and is resorting to microchips to deal with a truancy problem, instead of radically revamping the schools to make them worth going to for kids other than those who plan to go to college [and whether or not college is worth it… again, another post].

Don’t put up with this shit.  The country will not collapse if students don’t wear trackers that didn’t exist twenty years ago.  And as for education?  Well, what the hell did people do before forced education?

Well, some of them built the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Maybe now others can restore it.

*This is only sort of hyperbolic. The ACLU was founded by Stalinist Roger Baldwin, whose goal was to Soviet-ify the United States of America.  Today’s ACLU may not be full of Communists, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.  Any collection of statists is.


If Your Name is Sarah Connor

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I’d go in to hiding right about now.  “Thinking” computer chips.  Good job, guys.  I swear, don’t people listen to the prophets?  Terminator came out 27 years ago.   Twenty-seven.  These scientists must remember back that far, right?  In fact, some of them were probably young and impressionable back then – didn’t you guys go see the movie???

I estimate we have about a month left before we need to start freaking the hell out.

Seriously, though, this stuff is creepy.

“Why are you against scientific progress, Conservative Werewolf?  OHYEAH, conservatives don’t believe in science!”

No, conservatives don’t believe in trying to create intelligence because we’re mature enough to realize it could come back to bite us in the ass – because we’ve fucking seen Terminator.  (I actually doubt this will be a politically polarizing issue – okay, ANYTHING can become politically polarized, but – there IS hope that because enough people, liberal, moderate, conservative, apolitical, have been exposed to these ideas, we’ll all be able to put politics aside to fight the metal hordes together.)

This is actually kind of funny, considering all the whining about the “self-esteem crisis” when I was a kid.  Even today, some people haven’t figured out that if you don’t have a reason to feel good about yourself (being kind to others, producing something that won’t bring about the destruction of man- and were-mankind…), you’re not gonna feel good about yourself.

Which makes me wonder: what’s going to happen to people’s self-esteem when a bunch of robots can (seemingly) do EVERYTHING better than we can?  Not only will people feel lame, they’ll feel very comfortable (at first), and feel no need to strive for anything (unless the economy doesn’t get better and society totally breaks down, but that’s a topic for another apocalypse-post) and then they’ll REALLY feel lame because they don’t do anything – because not only is there an app for that, there’s a chip in a robot that looks like a supermodel for that.

Look, I’m all about the Roomba, but are humanoids going to leave not only the cleaning but also the THINKING to the machines?  Maybe.  We’re lazy sometimes.  Personally, I’m all about naps.

Maybe I’ll just hoard robot destroying weapons and sleep through the impending nihilistic identity crisis.  Because really, what are humans but messy natural computers that constantly go on the fritz?  What the hell is a soul?  SOULS?  Those aren’t quantifiable!  Pfft.

“But wait, Conservative Werewolf, you’re being ridiculous.”

You’re right.  The robot revolution is not upon us.

The CYBORG revolution is.

To all you people who said, “It’s just science fiction,” and/or “Cartoons are for kids,” I’d like to say: Fuck you.