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Ideologically Driven IDIOCY

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In all caps because it’s just so pathetic.

Obama got a look at North Korea through binoculars and had a few things to say:

“If it can’t deliver on any indicators of well-being… for its people… then you’d think you’d want to try something different,” Obama said in a highly undiplomatic and unusually frank public appearance.

“There are certain things that just don’t work and what they are doing doesn’t work.”


I want to scream right now.



There is No Such Thing as Free Birth Control

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There may be birth control you don’t have to pay for, but that doesn’t mean it costs nothing.  It must be researched, produced, tested, packaged, marketed and shipped, and all those verbs cost money.

Oh, but that’s no big, right?  Just make institutions like companies and schools pay for it.  They have lots of money.  They can afford it.  Yeah, okay, MAYBE they can.  But even an institution with LOTS of money only has a finite amount, and if the people who get to decide these things decide to spend it on something else (like, perhaps, cancer screenings, or medications for people with terrible diseases – you know, things actually related to health) than on pregnancy-prevention, is that really the worst thing in the Universe?

Or, what if, said institution is affiliated with the Catholic Church and doesn’t want to provide birth control because, you know, it’s affiliated with the Catholic Church?  OH GOD THE WORLD WILL END ALL THE WOMEN WILL DIE LET’S FREAK THE FUCK OUT.

Here’s a concept: picture a world in which you have choices for your healthcare.  A place where your health insurance isn’t decided for you by your boss or administrators.  A place where insurance companies, who want your  money, design packages that fit various types of incomes and lifestyles.  In this world, thanks to competition, you can actually afford coverage as an individual or family.

Well, that sounds nice, Conservative Werewolf, but it just isn’t possible because greed evil corporations capitalist top hats etc.

Okay, here’s some news: we don’t have a free-market in health insurance and we haven’t since… well, at least the 40s.  And the reason health insurance is so strongly tied to employment?  Government interference in the market.

So, even more than a First Amendment issue, this attempt to force institutions to pay for particular products is an economic issue – and, in order to make any progress in this debate, we should focus on it as such.


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Okay, I wanna have a talk with you guys about tolerance.

Tolerance is not approving of what other people do.  If that were what tolerance is, it would be easy peasy.

Tolerance is putting up with other people doing things than are different that what you do.  Maybe these things seem kinda weird and/or dumb.  Oh well, it’s not killing anyone, so you tolerate it.  Or do you?

You know what you don’t do?  You don’t lecture people about tolerance and then mock them for like, I dunno, liking Jesus or something, since it’s trendy to mock people for that lately.  No, you think, Oh, they like Jesus?  Okay.  Or, I have no idea if I should tolerate that – maybe I should research Jesus on some website other than

You also don’t mock one religion you think is zany because the only thing that’ll happen is you’ll get some strongly worded emails, but not mock another religion you think is zany because you’re a pussy.  That’s called hypocrisy.

No.  What you DO is, you think about things and maybe ask around and try to learn something*, and then, whatever won’t kill you or cause massive inflation or make swarms of bees to attack your house, you don’t freak out about.  And when you decide you can’t tolerate something, well, if it won’t kill you, you discuss and debate the issue like an adult (unless it’s not acceptable where you live and you might get stoned.  In that case, just keep quiet).  If the intolerable thing will kill you, ask for some help or move.  If it will kill you and it’s all up in your face, then kick its ass.

*Don’t skip this step.  You’d be surprised how many people have actually not been killed by werewolves.  Did you know not all Muslims are terrorists?  Yes?  GOOD FOR YOU – you must have graduated kindergarten.  But did you ALSO know not all Christians stand in front of drugstores telling you through a megaphone to repent?  No?  Damn… you  need to like, make some more friends.  Like, leave your house and talk to people or something.

REMEMBER:  Just because you tolerate something, it doesn’t mean you like it.  You can think it’s weird or not a good idea or whatever, but you also don’t wanna get all up in other people’s business, so you’re like, okay.  Whatever.

HOWEVER, many people do not understand this.

This is why, depending on the issue, if you voice your position, you could be ostracized by “tolerant” people.  This is because some supposedly tolerant people can’t deal with you disagreeing with them, even if you never tell them you disagree (Yes, even if people SUSPECT you disagree, because, say, you voted for Candidate A, and you must therefore think a certain way about everything, because you had SO MANY FUCKING CHOICES at the polling place, they might reject your company).  And if you do actually tell these pillars of tolerance that you disagree, they will not be happy, because they can’t handle not being accepted by others and freak out and assume that because you don’t like something they think or do that you will bully them or encourage others to bully them, when really, you just have a different view and would much rather get along.

Sometimes, after freaking out and assuming you want them bullied, they will decide to bully you first.  So THERE!  Yeah, because there were kids who tragically killed themselves, because other people were assholes, and you disagree, so you must be an asshole like those assholes!  Seriously.  And the best part is, when they mock/talk over/blacklist you, they’ll blame YOU because you didn’t vote their way and are oppressing them as they live and work and go out with their friends who all agree with them because dissent is bad.  Because they “won’t tolerate intolerance.”

This is what some people believe.  They need to learn what tolerance is and stop judging people stupidly.  They don’t need to stop judging people – they just need to stop thinking stupid things like “Republicans want all women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen at all times!”  Yeah, roughly one third of Americans are misogynists – let’s all freak out and waste time on Facebook whining about another made-up crisis when we could be learning about cause and effect.

Andrew Breitbart is gone from this world

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To quote Ace of Base: “A man will die, but not his ideas.”

There’s a plethora of moving eulogies over at and the various blogs under that umbrella at the newly revamped site.  (There’s a lot of black and orange.  I’m digging it.  Wish I could email Breitbart and tell him so.) And, because I never met Andrew, they’re more meaningful than anything I could write.  But I want to say a few things anyway.

Thank you, Andrew, for fighting for the cause of truth.  I know so much about what’s going on in my country that I wouldn’t know without your hard work and courage.  You laughed in the face of opposition, called people out on their bullshit, and, oh, let’s say you “created dialogue” where there wouldn’t have been two sides to have a dialogue (or, there would have been two sides, but ours would have been quieter and lacking the facts you and your team uncovered – and, once again, run over by the big papers and networks).  It wasn’t always civil dialogue because you weren’t always very well behaved.  But you were hilarious and you were effective.  And by holding journalists accountable for their writings you gave us hope – seriously – that we could learn the truth without having to sift through clods of lies.  Imagine a world where the media is held to a high standard!  We don’t live in that world, but your sites have given us a taste of what it could be like, and I hope that, even without you here to oversee them, they will continue operating under the same high standards.  There’s a good chance they will, because you brought together so many talented people with the same goals and vision for media – truth, no matter how hard it hurts, and in service of the great United States of America.

What you started, we will continue.


Poor Mitt Romney?

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Former First Lady Barbara Bush was quoted today on “The Five” as saying, “I’m worried about this campaign. Too ugly. I really don’t like it, and I think it’s too bad, very much, for Mitt Romney.”

Too bad for Mitt Smarmy??

I have never had a problem with Mrs. Bush, but this statement rubs me the wrong way.  What exactly is too bad for the asshole the establishment wants?  That the other assholes are still in the running, calling him out on being phoney-baloney?

And why focus on how it’s too bad for poor ol’ Mitt – how about the rest of the damn country?

This attitude of Romney-inevitability is almost enough to get me to support Newt.  Newt, but not Santorum.

Dear Lord, save us.