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Now Liking Gangnam Style is Racist???

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on October 4, 2012 by conservativewerewolf

At least you know I’m not racist – that song is F’in annoying, as is this article in the NY Times about suddenly famous Psy, the Korean rapper responsible for this ridiculously popular (and yeah, okay, hilarious) video.  I don’t know why I bothered linking that video; you’re probably one of the 410 million who’ve already seen it, and possibly even one of the almost 4 million who’ve “liked” it.  I’m sorry to inform you, but that may mean you’re racist.

See, according to some twerp quoted in the Times article,

“Psy is the ‘Asian man who makes it’ because he fits neatly into our pop cultural milieu wherein Asian men are either kung-fu fighters, Confucius-quoting clairvoyants or the biggest geeks in high school.”

I thought this article, “A South Korean Star, and the Horse He Rode In On” was supposed to be about this new hot rapper, but no – it’s about how his fans might be unconsciously categorizing him as a Pandaren, or something.  Nice way to trick people into reading your insults, NY Times blogger Mark McDonald.  OH, I get it – the horse is a metaphor for racism!

To be fair, McDonald also quotes people who say you might not be racist after all, because:

  • the video is really funny;
  • you probably weren’t the intended audience anyway, unless you’re South Korean; and
  • Psy doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously.

But if YOU don’t take him seriously, you’re… hang on a sec, let me make sure I get this right… oh yeah, racist.  You’ve been influenced by the “popular Western media[, which] doesn’t tend to take east Asian men seriously.”  And it’s a shame that,

“What is missing from much commentary on Psy’s video is the existing American cultural context that embraces stereotypes of Asians while rejecting more realistic portrayals.”

Did you include your thoughts on Neo-Orientalism in your YouTube comment?  Well then, you have some reflecting to do, don’t you?

Honestly, I don’t take Psy very seriously – then again, I don’t take most rappers very seriously.  [That’s probably indicative of unconscious racism according to someone whose opinion is irrelevant.]  And I normally wouldn’t take Mark McDonald very seriously, even though his article was published in the NY Times, because the Times has been mostly crap for years.  But the gaping hole in this theory that he inexplicably presents as legit is so ridiculous, I had to highlight it:

Somehow, the Western media almost exclusively portrays Asian men as “kung-fu fighters, Confucius-quoting clairvoyants or the biggest geeks in high school,” yet simultaneously does not take them seriously.

I don’t know about you, but I take Kung Fu fighters, Confucius-quoting clairvoyants and the biggest geeks in high school VERY seriously.  Who wouldn’t take an MMA-guru-CEO seriously???

I know, I know.  I’m racist.*  Bad, bad werewolf.

*Except for judging people based on race – that part I don’t do.  It’s just all the other things, like thinking Affirmative Action makes no sense if it benefits Carlton Banks at the expense of some poor white kid.


Would YOU abort Derpy Hooves?

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Look at this face:

And then ask yourself: would you abort Derpy Hooves?

Yeah, she’s a pain in the butt sometimes, like when she dropped an anvil on Twilight Sparkle, but Twilight was fine!  No harm, right?

I read an article at called “A New Eugenics: Aborting the Child with a Disability” and thought of all the love Derpy gets – hell, she was largely a fan creation (her name and occupation were decided by fans, then approved by My Little Pony maker Hasbro).  And I wondered, when people say that unborn humans with disabilities should be aborted, how do born humans with disabilities feel?  Seriously, if you think an unborn baby with Down Syndrome or whatever should be aborted, before SAYING or TYPING it, I want you to picture Derpy Hooves crying.  If people can give this much love to an animated pegasus with googly eyes…

Now, you may argue that there’s nothing cute about cerebral palsy (“the sexiest of the palsies”), but I can’t imagine an Oprah Winfrey Network without Zach Anner (not that I usually spend time thinking about OWN, which, without Zach, would be NOTHING).

Zach Anner became a YouTube celebrity when he auditioned to win his own TV show on Winfrey’s OWN channel.  Watch it here and be sure to read the comments – they are full of love for this guy who has a terrible disability, but faces life bravely with humor!

Turns out Zach won the contest. 😀

Zach Anner’s “Rollin’ With Zach” premiered January 12th on OWN.   I didn’t see it because I don’t even know what number OWN is 😦 But if the show is anything like his YouTube videos, it’s gonna rock.  I encourage everyone to check it out.  This guy is my hero.   It’s kind of hard for people in wheelchairs to globe-trot, so if nothing else, it’s something new (and when was the last time we saw a new concept on TV?).  It’s also freakin’ inspiring.  Roll on, Zach!