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Moar School? Noooooooooooo!

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Listen to the child in all of us, and don’t give them more time to program, er, educate (?) the youth than they’ve already got.

Some Citigroup Council on Foreign Relations Obama Director of the Office of Management and Budget [digression: WHAT budget?] douche says summer makes kids fat and dumb and we should therefore lengthen the school year.

I call bullshit.

Kids don’t need MORE time in institutions.  They need time AWAY from their progressive liberal hippie Marxist teachers.  The older ones need to go out and get JOBS so they can learn about the real world (TAXES), and how to tell when their teachers are full of crap.

They need to go turn over rocks to find out what’s under them, and swim in creeks, and read whatever the fuck they WANT to read (with parental permission, of course).  [You wanna know how to make kids HATE reading?  TELL THEM WHAT THEY HAVE TO READ.]

They don’t need to be in a factory of mediocrity everyday, taking notes on what someone who may not be as not as smart as half of them reads out of a textbook.

Yes, there are great teachers (I had just under one per year) – and THOSE teachers can do amazing things from August/September to May/June.  So why keep kids in school longer?  Why not just hire better teachers? [Well, yes, unions, that’s why.]

Here’s (the other reason) why they want more time with the kiddies: to make them MANAGEABLE.  It’s for their own good, you know.  Otherwise, they’d all become fat and stupid, IN ONLY  THREE MONTHS, according to the linked article.  Whatever would people do without the Department of Education to save us from ourselves?

As if it could.  Plenty of “well-educated” people are going to become fat and stupid anyway.  More “education” is not going to inspire people to get off their asses (fear of starvation would, but I kid when I recommend that).

I don’t suppose it’s occurred to you central-planning/statist types that the problem could be one of quality, not quantity?  That more stimulus won’t create healthy levels of economic growth, and more “education” won’t make people thin and brilliant?

Or maybe you know that.  Hmm.

Guess it’s home-school for my pups.


Why I will never willingly live in California.

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Reason number 1: inane regulations.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit’s about to go DOWN in San Fran, where the Presidio Social Club restaurant has defied Cali’s July 1st ban on foie gras!  Get your asses out there, foodies, and fight for your right to nosh on fattened duck (or goose) liver!

Stupid nuts are regulating duck (or goose) liver now.  I guess it’s “inhumane” or something.  Inhumane.  Pssh.  You wanna see inhumane?  Toss me a duck during a full moon.

You know what ducks are?  MEAT.  Not really the best, honestly, nor are geese… although geese should be eaten, if only for being nasty ornery wastes of space.  At least ducks are kinda pretty, and cute when they quack.

Until I eat them. 😀

That is, if duck is all that’s available.  I do prefer a big juicy cow (or a big, less juicy bison, for a less fattening treat).

I think I’m gonna go eat one instead of wasting more time wondering why the hell people like fattened duck/goose liver, and why the hell the ducks/geese, which will be eaten anyway, need regulated Jenny Craig.

Have I mentioned that some people would benefit greatly from fearing starvation?

Who’s Latino now?

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George Lopez is disappointed in Romney for being Latino and not admitting it:

“Mitt Romney is a f–king Latino and he won’t admit it. His father was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. Mitt Romney is a Chicano. But he won’t admit it. ‘I am not. I am Danish. I am French.’”

If Latino means your dad was born in Mexico but you’re the whitest guy ever, then I guess that’s why Romney is Latino but George Zimmerman is a “white Hispanic”?

This is getting too confusing.