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Feminists Promoting Weak Women

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No, don’t learn to defend yourself against potential attackers – teach men not to rape.

Yeah, someone once tried to teach me pre-calculus.  Didn’t stick.  Guess my brain doesn’t work that way.  Or maybe I just didn’t give two shits.

Miss Nevada is taking hits on Twitter for suggesting that women should consider learning to physically defend themselves to prevent rape.

A modern-day warrior princess, Nia Sanchez will kick your ass if you try to fuck with her.  You have been warned.

A modern-day warrior princess, Nia Sanchez will kick your ass if you try to fuck with her. You have been warned.

The liberal responses were oh so predictable, as liberal “thought” has been in a swirling-down-the-toilet nose dive for the last several decades.

The next time some twit tweets that we should substitute “teaching men not to rape” (as if that will guarantee the desired outcome) for making smart decisions, using common sense, and learning how to kick ass, ask what she plans to do in the meantime.  Because some people are slow learners.   We don’t all learn in the same way.  So, while these teachers (whoever they may be) are trying to work out a way to reach multiple-conviction (misunderstood) Marcus with the “don’t rape” message, how will said twit keep herself safe?

Seriously, do they expect this master plan to work instantaneously?  Even if it COULD work with 100% success (and what stupid liberal plan ever does?), there will be some length of time between now and implementation and another length of time between implementation and complete success.

Also, let’s ask – what is the plan, exactly?  How do we teach people not to rape?  Should we adopt a Vygotskyan educational theory, or revisit Piaget?  To what degree should we teach visually? Auditorily? (Personally, I prefer kinesthetically – to the nose.  BAM, motherfucker!).  Will this education be mandatory?  How will we ensure full compliance by those not in the school system?  (I know! A “don’t rape” version of sexual harassment e-learning!  Available at your local library and for download to the device of your choice!)

I fucking hate feminism.

Even Xena is fed up with this shit.

Even Xena is fed up with this shit.






Where are the Women in Middle Earth?

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Oh, they’re there.  Being in charge (Galadriel).  Being inspirational (Arwen).  Being ALIVE, somehow, despite all that Mordor Orc death-dealing crap (all the women, including Hobbit women, like Rosie Cotton).  Being evicted from their homes by a dragon (the Dwarf women who made it out).  Being silverware-thieves (Lobelia Sackville-Baggins).  Being ON A HORSE (Eowyn).

But they aren’t there enough, whines some person who wrote this article for Time: “Tolkien seems to have wiped women off the face of Middle-earth.”

Um, wrong.  I would love to dismiss the entire article for that bit of foolishness alone, but I am so very annoyed by the continuing demands of modern people that women kick just as much physical ass, just as often, as men.

Look, article-author-person, if YOU want to go quest through Orc-infested lands, poop on the ground, and not bathe for weeks, with meeting a CRANKY DRAGON as your goal, be my guest.

Meanwhile, I’ll be chilling in civilization, planning the menu for the return feast, assuming the valiant questers do in fact return with their innards intact.

While I would be honored to fight beside this sexy manly man, I would much rather make him a sandwich.

While I would be honored to fight beside this sexy manly man, I would much rather just make him a sandwich.

It’s not that I couldn’t slay Orcs… but why should I when the men are willing to do it for me?  If I really wanted to, I could make like Eowyn, and you know, just do it.  But I don’t want to.  Most women don’t want to.  Are you really gonna piss on Tolkien for understanding that?

Yes, she is, and not only Tolkien, but every other author/creator who ever wrote an adventure story featuring mainly male characters (she even has a problem with the Muppets… did it ever occur to her that perhaps most female Muppets are in finance, not trying to keep a failing theater afloat?).

Look, you don’t like it?  Write your own damn story about females who save the world.  Oh, but no – it’s so much easier to bitch about people who didn’t.

But if you did, and the story was good, I would happily read it – but not until after I’ve reread The Hobbit, because I really don’t think you can do any better.  And if I had a son, I would direct him first towards The Hobbit to get him thinking about the kind of man he should grow up into (brave and courageous!).  We have a shortage of men, you see…  plenty of males, but few men among them.  Don’t believe me?  Take a man-on-the-street-poll: how many “guys” these days have a concept of what it means to live a virtuous life?  In other words, have they even considered what it means?  “Virtue?  What the fuck is that?”  “That shit went out with chivalry.”  “Sounds suspiciously anti-woman, doesn’t it?”

*bangs head on desk*

And now you know why this whiny-woman shit pisses me off: women don’t need more examples of women kicking ass for righteous causes – MEN do!  Or,  I mean, males… if they were men, they would already be valiant/brave/courageous and virtuous.

THE END  [of civilization]

It took you how long to figure this out?

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Mona Charen comments in National Review Online on Anne-Marie Slaughter’s Atlantic article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” (Both are worth reading).

Charen writes:

“But she has discovered that the “have it all” catechism was a lie.  Even with a supportive husband who was willing to “take the lion’s share of parenting while I was in Washington,” she found that she didn’t want to be away from her two teenage sons, particularly when one was having trouble in school…

“Slaughter’s wants mirror those of other women (high-earning and otherwise). A 2007 Pew survey found that among working mothers with children 17 and younger, fully 79 percent said that they would prefer part-time (60 percent) or zero (19 percent) work outside the home. Only 21 percent said they would choose full-time employment while their children were young. This was down from 32 percent who preferred to work full time in 1997.”

Imagine that – women caring about their children and wanting to be there for them.  What will they come up with next?

1960s Feminism, meet Reality.

Oh, and here’s one more quote, just for kicks:

“Despite endless repetition by Democrats and feminists, the idea that women earn less than men for the same work is fiction. Single women without children earn just as much, and sometimes more, than comparably qualified young men. Women earn less (over their whole careers) because they choose to. And they choose to because they place more value on child-rearing than on money or status.”

Will radical feminists believe this?  No, because they’re addicted to perceived personal injustice – what would they whine about if they realized that sometimes they have life just as good as or better than many American men?

I suppose they could move to Africa (or Camden) and run orphanages and start schools for kids whose parents have died due to AIDS, but then they’d REALLY have to compromise.

Wait, I’ve got it… they want to be CEOs?  Okay, start a company in Cambodia and educate, house and employ people who currently live on top of trash dumps and live by fishing recyclables out from among the other dirty nasty ish.  Oh, but there are no pilates classes there.  Hmm.

If only modern-day feminism could be reconciled with the fact that there is no virtue in just doing what makes you happy.

Say What? Say Vagina!

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Yes, Say Vagina!  It’s liberating.  Or something.

Michigan Democrat Lisa Brown was silenced (gasp!) after saying the following:

“Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no.'”

I’m outraged they barred her from speaking! It’s completely unfair to prevent stupid people from saying stupid things – they just can’t help it.

Well, maybe she’s not stupid; maybe she just never learned where babies come from.

You see, the Michigan legislature was debating new restrictions on abortion, which, as we’ve all heard, means they were trying to “legislate women’s vaginas.”  That’s a strange way to put it, considering babies develop in the uterus, and only encounter the vagina when being born.  Or, when their remains are sucked out after decapitation.  Whichever.  It’s all about choice.

Anyway, Lisa was mad and decided to throw a fit on the steps of the statehouse by organizing a performance of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, in which she would star.  Classy.

Actually, the play’s better than it used to be, since Ensler changed the age of the character who was statutorily raped by a woman from 13 to 16, and removed her comment “If it was rape, it was a good rape.”

(Maybe that’s what Whoopi, who has performed in the Vagina Monologues, meant about a rape not being RAPE rape.  I dunno.  These people are all nuts.)

Yet, despite those modifications, the play is still absurd in that it objectifies women.

Yes, you heard me.  A feminist objectified women by writing the stupid thing, and then thousands of others followed suit by performing it.  Brainpower is not at maximum among these folks.

Now, I was going to explain how the Vagina Monologues objectifies women, but I can’t without being excessively lewd.  I know, I write all kinds of shit, but I think there are people out there who’d really appreciate it if I left learning about it up to them.  So if you want to know, Google it*.  It’s fucking ridiculous.

*To save time, once you find it, ctrl-f “The Vagina Workshop.”  That’s the title of one of the monologues.  No, I am not kidding.

Okay, actually, I will quote the Vagina Monologues.  I’ll leave determining what “it” refers to up to you, though:

“It was me, she said, the essence of me.  It was both the doorbell to my house and the house itself.  I didn’t have to find it.  I had to be it.”

It would be almost funny if they weren’t so darn earnest.

Delayed Adulthood

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Rutgers dipstick psychologist says HBO’s “Girls” are not failing:

“In Girls, what’s happening is that these people are exploring who they are. If they’re at home, or having sex or at a party, they’re so into their own heads, Every interaction and situation is an opportunity for miscommunication. It looks like they’re messing up, but I would say they’re not messing up; what they’re responding to is a need to answer questions about themselves: What’s their place in the world? What works in real life when school is over?”

I tried watching an episode of “Girls.”  It was fairly realistic, if being a low/no-standards slut who’s too good to work in a restaurant because she’s got a liberal arts degree (pfffffft!) and just HAS to live in New York to find herself even though she can’t afford it is realistic.

But let’s not be hard on them.  They’re not “failing” – they’re just retarded*.

If this is the new normal, I’m going to give up on humanity and live in a cave.


*What?  Retarded means slow.

There is no Republican war on women

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If you believe there is one, you are being a tool.  Stop being a tool.


Okay, stop with the crazy emotions and think for a second.  Yes, men and women are physically different – only women can get pregnant.  That does not mean that anyone owes women birth control or abortions so they can have sex without worrying about pregnancy like men.  Same is not equal.  We’re different, and it’s okay.  Yes, women have to be more careful, but if we all stopped whining about it, we could probably take over the whole damn world (sorry men, but we could).  I am not advocating this because the Conservative Werewolf is a fan of men and women’s inherent equality.  But seriously, if women learned ninjitsu, got some guns (both for self-defense only), and then refused to have sex with douchebags and assholes… the world would be a much better, kinder, more productive place.

It really wouldn’t be that hard.  Women would just need to stop acting like Sex and the City’s premise that women can and should “have sex like men” makes any kind of sense.  Oh, and there would be a lot fewer unwanted pregnancies that way (because birth control can fail).

What?  That’s right.  You knew that.  That’s why nutty women rally for abortion wearing nothing but stickers above their belts: abortion is the fail-safe.  It’s not just for when a woman’s health is in danger (just about everyone in the country agrees on allowing exceptions for the health of the mother; that’s why the most absolute anti-abortion measures can’t get enough support anywhere – seriously, go look it up) – don’t let them make you afraid of some crazy post-apocalyptic world in which women are forced to carry babies to term even if it means they could die.  That’s not gonna happen, because MOST CONSERVATIVES AGREE WITH YOU THAT THIS WOULD BE A TERRIBLE THING.   If most women who support Roe v. Wade knew this, and knew how often abortion is used as birth control, they would probably support some changes.  But they’re lied to constantly by the crazies.

Human women who rabidly support abortion are just weird.  Pregnant women have another human being’s body developing inside their own body, but the nutters don’t want to accept that it’s another human being’s body.  No, it’s not part of the mother’s body – it’s a unique human with its own DNA.  Look that up, too.  It’s science.

And, because of legal abortion for any reason, women have the power to destroy that life with no legal consequences.  But abortion-supporters still aren’t happy.  Noo, they need everyone to accept them, and not judge them, and PROVIDE THEM WITH BIRTH CONTROL.  Yeah, we need to work on health insurance in this country, but no one has a right to free birth control.  That idea is just silly.  We don’t have rights to most things we need (like food).  And we shouldn’t!  How hard would people suck if everything they needed was just handed to them?  It would be a world full of teenagers.  Ugh!  That would be worse than living in a world full of werewolves.  I am not kidding.

Instead of creating a Brave New World, why not just take care of our offspring?

BUT CW, life is like, expensive!

No shit.  But somehow, PP received hundreds of thousands of dollars after Susan G. Komen announced it would sever ties with the organization.  What if all the money that goes to abortion providers went to help struggling mothers?  It wouldn’t be enough to send every baby to college, but it could certainly help with pre-natal care, job training and adoption.  Just think what we could afford if killing unborn babies wasn’t anyone’s priority.

So, the next time you read about the Republicans’ “War on Women,” stop and think.  And maybe go talk to a few Republicans to find out what we* really think.  (WARNING: if you do not believe fetuses are human** your brain may short circuit.)

*Yeah, I’m a Republican, but only because it’s easier to be involved in political processes if you register with a party.  Plenty of Republicans are lamewads – but there are only two major parties.  What’s a werewolf to do?

**We’ve all heard the meaningless/subjective “a fetus is not a baby” argument – now, there’s the “a fetus is not a human being” argument – although really, I don’t see how anyone could argue that, so it’s probably more accurately labelled a mantra.

And, most importantly, don’t hate on Republicans just because we can see the ridiculous end results of liberals’ dumb ideas.  Really, all that energy you’re expending freaking out is a waste.  Chill the hell out, and ask yourself if you’re in a frenzy because someone has successfully whipped you up into one.  It’s okay to be angry, but only if there’s a good reason.  “They don’t wanna give me free stuff!” is not a good reason.  Be the logical thinking person you’re capable of being – and for fuck’s sake, stop being a tool.

There is No Such Thing as Free Birth Control

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There may be birth control you don’t have to pay for, but that doesn’t mean it costs nothing.  It must be researched, produced, tested, packaged, marketed and shipped, and all those verbs cost money.

Oh, but that’s no big, right?  Just make institutions like companies and schools pay for it.  They have lots of money.  They can afford it.  Yeah, okay, MAYBE they can.  But even an institution with LOTS of money only has a finite amount, and if the people who get to decide these things decide to spend it on something else (like, perhaps, cancer screenings, or medications for people with terrible diseases – you know, things actually related to health) than on pregnancy-prevention, is that really the worst thing in the Universe?

Or, what if, said institution is affiliated with the Catholic Church and doesn’t want to provide birth control because, you know, it’s affiliated with the Catholic Church?  OH GOD THE WORLD WILL END ALL THE WOMEN WILL DIE LET’S FREAK THE FUCK OUT.

Here’s a concept: picture a world in which you have choices for your healthcare.  A place where your health insurance isn’t decided for you by your boss or administrators.  A place where insurance companies, who want your  money, design packages that fit various types of incomes and lifestyles.  In this world, thanks to competition, you can actually afford coverage as an individual or family.

Well, that sounds nice, Conservative Werewolf, but it just isn’t possible because greed evil corporations capitalist top hats etc.

Okay, here’s some news: we don’t have a free-market in health insurance and we haven’t since… well, at least the 40s.  And the reason health insurance is so strongly tied to employment?  Government interference in the market.

So, even more than a First Amendment issue, this attempt to force institutions to pay for particular products is an economic issue – and, in order to make any progress in this debate, we should focus on it as such.