Rape Culture

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You may be surprised to learn that we in the United States are living in a “rape culture.”  Chances are, you don’t have any friggin’ idea what “rape culture” is, especially if you have good taste in friends and don’t have a Facebook feed full of liberal-progressive bullshit.

Apparently, “rape culture” is not defined as a culture in which rape is considered acceptable (last I checked, we had laws against that).  No, no.  “Rape culture” means that people say things in casual conversation that could be interpreted by a feminist (or other crazy person) as “victim-blaming” or otherwise “normalizing” rape, such as:

  • “I think I’ll reserve judgment until I hear both sides.”
  • “Maybe, but I don’t know what evidence has been presented.”
  • “And that’s why we don’t walk down dark alleyways at two-thirty in the morning while inebriated.”

According to proponents of this moronic concept, even considering the possibility that a self-declared victim might be “misremembering” the details of her (alleged) assault makes you part of the problem.  This, I suppose means that investigations into allegations of rape are in actuality “victim shaming.”  (What the hell do we need detectives for? Just believe her and toss the guy in jail!  What’s DNA? Swabs are SO invasive!) Never mind that sometimes, people lie.  And that women are people.  And that sometimes lies are about rape.

Remember the Duke lacrosse team rape case?  Yeah, she lied.  And everyone who believed her just because ended up feeling pretty stupid.  Unless they didn’t have enough sense to feel stupid.  Hey, at least they weren’t contributing to “rape culture” by waiting to see the evidence against all those “potential rapists” (liberal for “men”).

Oh, and don’t try to learn from someone else’s mistake.  Good Lord.  You will be virtually beaten online.

This is reason #36 why I hate feminism.  There is legitimate misogyny in this world.  There are children being sold into sex slavery.  There are movie stars who still proclaim admiration for Roman Polanski (who plead guilty to the charge of “unlawful sexual intercourse” with a 13 year old girl).  The presumption of innocence until an accused party has been proven guilty or admitted guilt is not misogyny – it is a foundation of our legal system that keeps us from being thrown in jail just because someone in power doesn’t like us.  It protects idiot feminists as well as the rest of us.

For the record, in reference to the much-discussed rape-allegation of the moment, I am inclined to believe Dylan Farrow.  Woody Allen weirds me the fuck out, and has for years.  Of course, my personal feelings aren’t enough to convict him.  They are enough, however, for me to decide never to pay money to watch any of his movies or support him in any way.  If that’s not good enough for those who claim we live in a “rape culture” simply because the pursuit of truth requires evidence, too bad.


The Celebrated Art of Shaking Your Ass – I Mean, Singing

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Beyonce.  You have a great butt.  That doesn’t mean I want to see that much of it.

I know, I’m a curmudgeon.  “You can’t give a good vocal performance without giving a lap dance in a revealing outfit, you know.  And a truly inspired performance requires grotesque facial expressions,” said the modern western world, which, I hear, used to put out some pretty impressive art, literature and music.  Now it just puts out.

I would like to see more big-name female singers act as if they expect to be taken seriously without wearing thong-type getups in front of other people.  But perhaps, in  Beyonce and Miley’s defense, that expectation would be unreasonable; maybe quality is boring and needs a little used-to-be/should-be taboo behavior to spice it up.  [Or, in Miley’s case, maybe quality is too difficult to achieve.  I don’t know – maybe she sucks on purpose, like most pop singers these days, who want to sound modern or distinctive or nasal-as-fuck for no good reason.]

Why can’t women just sing songs?  Why can’t we just be happy with them singing songs?  Why do we need them to degrade themselves??

I remember learning about this feminism thing in school.  I thought back then that it was about equality.  It turns out it’s about providing males with the most explicit images of ourselves we can conjure (don’t freak – it’s ART), so they’ll pay attention to us, oh God, please, just pay attention to us – but don’t be OBVIOUS about staring at our boobs, you pigs! …all the while insisting that it’s just another form of self-expression, and how dare you question our motives.

Girls, I don’t care if you look like Beyonce or Lena Dunham or Jay Leno: Stop.  You can display your talents and be successful and sassy and whatever else you want without behaving like the world is your own personal pornography.  Have some standards.  They don’t have to be that high, but they could easily be higher.  Just do art and stop begging us to look at your asses by acting in such a way that NO ONE CARES THAT MUCH ABOUT YOUR ART ANYMORE because they’re all talking about your ass because you won’t stop mooning us.  You don’t have to try that hard!  If you have an ass, people will look.  Trying too hard isn’t sexy – it’s repulsive, pathetic and degrading.


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Ugh, that patriarchal misogynistic Facebook, censoring women’s breasts.  Let’s all get offended.

Some twit at HuffPo is on a rant about how men can go topless but it’s “shameful” (darn right) for women to do so.  And blaming Facebook is in there somewhere, like Facebook should be on the forefront of this retarded movement for nipple equality.

Somewhere, in a darkened office a man in an expensive chair is pressing his fingertips together and cackling at modern society’s stupidity.  “They’re going for it!  Of course, I knew they would.  They always do.  Soon, there will be women’s nipples EVERYWHERE!”

Which, I guess some people think would be a good thing.  Not I, naturally.  If it becomes the norm for women’s nipples to be displayed (in ads and in real life), then seeing them becomes the expectation.  Then we’ll have males who feel even MORE entitled than they do already and I’m gonna have to bail my future daughters out of jail for blackening some jackasses eyes.  Which they will totally have deserved, not for requesting to see more boobage, but for telling my girls at some stupid college party that they should bare them for all to see because it’s normal.  And of course I will be bailing my girls out, not some chivalrous man who stepped in to do the punching for them, because you can hardly find one of those these days.  I fear for the future.

Like every stupid liberal [redundancy – I apologize] idea, this will blow up in everyone’s face.  This is why I am not okay with “Oh, you know, you do you.  Whatever.”  Well, sometimes I am, but not when stupid ideas turn in to big movements, which is what people are trying to do with this by whining on Facebook that it’s unfair and sexist and blah blah blah, totally ignoring the fact of who will benefit most from this: dudes [and I guess lesbians, but they already have them, so I dunno.  I should probably ask a lesbian. *mental note*].

Camille Paglia Tells It Like It Is

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Were I gay and a few decades older, I would consider Camille Paglia my soulmate for this quote alone:

“[Western society’s current elite class doesn’t] think in military ways, so there’s this illusion out there that people are basically nice, people are basically kind, if we’re just nice and benevolent to everyone they’ll be nice too. They literally don’t have any sense of evil or criminality.”

What I have been muttering in my cave for YEARS, heretic weirdo liberal Paglia says in the WSJ, and thank goodness – I was about to have a fucking conniption.  I have never suffered fools well, and the naive outlook adopted not only by squirrel-feeding hippies but also by “worldly” assholes is so moronic I have begun wondering if there might be something in the water.  How else can we explain the apparent lack of survival instincts among so many in our enlightened progressive society?

Yes, convenience, comfort and complacency.  But even so, we have true crime crap on TV 24/7.  Mass-murderers’ identities are household names.  What the hell is wrong with everyone?  Am I a nut to be so concerned?

Paglia wouldn’t think so:

“The results, she says, can be seen in everything from the dysfunction in Washington (where politicians ‘lack practical skills of analysis and construction’) to what women wear. ‘So many women don’t realize how vulnerable they are by what they’re doing on the street,’ she says, referring to women who wear sexy clothes.”

Oooooh, she went there, didn’t she?  Let’s all get offended!

Or, we could acknowledge that if you can’t hide a decent weapon under your clothes, you’re not wearing enough.  And if your baton is in the thigh-high boots you’re wearing with hot pants, you might as well paint a target on your ass.  Just sayin’.

“When she has made this point in the past, Ms. Paglia—who dresses in androgynous jackets and slacks—has been told that she believes ‘women are at fault for their own victimization.’ Nonsense, she says. ‘I believe that every person, male and female, needs to be in a protective mode at all times of alertness to potential danger. The world is full of potential attacks, potential disasters.’ She calls it “street-smart feminism.”

OMG, a liberal who makes sense!  What is this world coming to???

Everyone needs to go read this article now, especially this part:

“By her lights, things only get worse in higher education. ‘This PC gender politics thing—the way gender is being taught in the universities—in a very anti-male way, it’s all about neutralization of maleness.’ The result: Upper-middle-class men who are ‘intimidated’ and ‘can’t say anything. . . . They understand the agenda.'”

It’s like she knows my life!  I am so f’ing tired of having bigger balls than most men.  I don’t even understand how feminists can engage in male-bashing these days – it’s not very sensitive to put the poor little things down like that.

I can’t even.  It just keeps getting better, even though the topic is the decline of western civilization, which everyone seems to sense, and speak of as if it’s inevitable.  Not everyone, however, seems to understand why it’s happening, which of course is the key to stopping and reversing it.  Paglia gets it.  No wonder she gets so much hate from self-satisfied liberals who have “it all” (nothing at all) figured out.

Liberal Hollywood and Curmudgeonly Conservatives

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I’m still too young to be a curmudgeon, but “Dirty Dancing” annoys the crap outta me.  “You stupid kids!!  Are you not thinking about what you’re doing?” I yell at TV.  I can’t deal with their not-in-any-way-appealing naivety or worldly stupidity, so I mute it and read cynical news commentary, only glancing up to check if they’re dancing.

I’m such a girl – I love the swirly skirts and the shiny biceps, but I find, as I near another full decade on Earth, that I’m much less willing to put up with the asinine shit that accompanies it.  Back in the day (like, oh God, ten years ago?) I could more easily overlook that ish.  It wasn’t that I didn’t think risking one’s life to kill one’s own innocent flesh and blood was fucking stupid then; I guess I just had a higher limit.  Or maybe I thought I’d miss out on something otherwise truly wonderful (Patrick Swayze dancing) if I didn’t watch a girl fawn all over and fuck him because he’s “everything.”  No, Baby – he’s the shit on the dance floor, but he really needs a steadier job.  These days, life feels too short to take the obnoxious with the entertaining.

Life is, unfortunately, also too busy for me to sit around and watch BBC dramatizations of Jane Austen novels.  At least she had the good sense to mock insipidity.  Growl, grumble, etc…

It’s not that I’m angry.  I’m just sick of watching characters I don’t respect.  No, that’s not true – I loved Pitch Perfect.  But at least the main character wasn’t a slut, too (right – because she avoids attachment… that possible implication, I suppose, I can overlook), and there is no glorification of the other chicks’ sluttiness.  This allows the crotchety viewer to share the “Yes, you’re a slut – let’s move on to some some singing” attitude of their choirmates.   So, maybe I’m not that curmudgeonly after all (yes, I am).

Of course I am.  I’m just desensitized to so much, thanks to moronically permissive acquaintances, that foolish immorality often only gets a glance and shrug, and maybe an eye-roll (unless 1. it’s the focus of EVERY NEWS STORY, thank you, Miley Cyrus – now grow the fuck up, please, before you ruin your relationships with your future children who will probably want to look up to you… or, 2. if it’s central to the plot of what otherwise could be an engaging feel-good flick).

Whatever.  Why I am I talking about movies this much?  I’m a big werewolf and I have work to do.  I don’t expect to change Hollywood by, I dunno, bitching and not going to the theater.  Hollywood is full of pedophiles and the weak-minded, who aspire to FAME, not integrity.  It’s no surprise they turn out a bunch of shallow shit about people who need to turn their brains on and not take, what was it, $200 from their fathers to fund sketchy abortions because THAT couldn’t go wrong.  Or BE wrong.  Naaah.

Man, I remember when I liked this movie.  What has become of me???  Is this just the beginning of the end for pop culture and me?

I couldn’t bring myself to watch “Pretty Woman,” today, so, yeah, probably.  [Richard Gere has about .00571% of a personality in that movie.  And he hires a prostitute.  Yes, it’s Julia Roberts, but no.  That is NOT HOT.]

Again, whatever.  At least there’s another Hobbit movie coming out.  And that Katniss girl is pretty f’ing awesome.  Maybe these will become modern classics and overshadow the inexplicably popular bullshit that doesn’t speak so well of us.

The Vagina Workshop

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is the name of a skit in “The Vagina Monologues” that came to mind when I read this article about a female orgasm workshop at Illinois University. (I am now going to get hits from the weirdest searches…)

You probably didn’t want to know this, but a residence community at the school has scheduled an event that will feature porn star Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. (the name isn’t real, but the creds are).  She will show her documentary, “’Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasm’ which features interviews with 26 ‘orgasm experts’ and describes itself as a ‘poetic homage to the big O.’”  But wait – there’s more!  There will be student participation!  The event’s organizer stresses participants will be fully clothed, which could mean the same as “mostly clothed” meant about fifty years ago.   God, people were so backward back then, with their fully-covered midriffs.  Oppression!!

We’ll add this to the list of reasons I will never be an Illinois taxpayer.

As for further commentary… I’d just like to ask, is there really a need for this?  And if so, really??

And, on a slightly less ridiculous note:

Where are the Women in Middle Earth?

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Oh, they’re there.  Being in charge (Galadriel).  Being inspirational (Arwen).  Being ALIVE, somehow, despite all that Mordor Orc death-dealing crap (all the women, including Hobbit women, like Rosie Cotton).  Being evicted from their homes by a dragon (the Dwarf women who made it out).  Being silverware-thieves (Lobelia Sackville-Baggins).  Being ON A HORSE (Eowyn).

But they aren’t there enough, whines some person who wrote this article for Time: “Tolkien seems to have wiped women off the face of Middle-earth.”

Um, wrong.  I would love to dismiss the entire article for that bit of foolishness alone, but I am so very annoyed by the continuing demands of modern people that women kick just as much physical ass, just as often, as men.

Look, article-author-person, if YOU want to go quest through Orc-infested lands, poop on the ground, and not bathe for weeks, with meeting a CRANKY DRAGON as your goal, be my guest.

Meanwhile, I’ll be chilling in civilization, planning the menu for the return feast, assuming the valiant questers do in fact return with their innards intact.

While I would be honored to fight beside this sexy manly man, I would much rather make him a sandwich.

While I would be honored to fight beside this sexy manly man, I would much rather just make him a sandwich.

It’s not that I couldn’t slay Orcs… but why should I when the men are willing to do it for me?  If I really wanted to, I could make like Eowyn, and you know, just do it.  But I don’t want to.  Most women don’t want to.  Are you really gonna piss on Tolkien for understanding that?

Yes, she is, and not only Tolkien, but every other author/creator who ever wrote an adventure story featuring mainly male characters (she even has a problem with the Muppets… did it ever occur to her that perhaps most female Muppets are in finance, not trying to keep a failing theater afloat?).

Look, you don’t like it?  Write your own damn story about females who save the world.  Oh, but no – it’s so much easier to bitch about people who didn’t.

But if you did, and the story was good, I would happily read it – but not until after I’ve reread The Hobbit, because I really don’t think you can do any better.  And if I had a son, I would direct him first towards The Hobbit to get him thinking about the kind of man he should grow up into (brave and courageous!).  We have a shortage of men, you see…  plenty of males, but few men among them.  Don’t believe me?  Take a man-on-the-street-poll: how many “guys” these days have a concept of what it means to live a virtuous life?  In other words, have they even considered what it means?  “Virtue?  What the fuck is that?”  “That shit went out with chivalry.”  “Sounds suspiciously anti-woman, doesn’t it?”

*bangs head on desk*

And now you know why this whiny-woman shit pisses me off: women don’t need more examples of women kicking ass for righteous causes – MEN do!  Or,  I mean, males… if they were men, they would already be valiant/brave/courageous and virtuous.

THE END  [of civilization]