Ugh, that patriarchal misogynistic Facebook, censoring women’s breasts.  Let’s all get offended.

Some twit at HuffPo is on a rant about how men can go topless but it’s “shameful” (darn right) for women to do so.  And blaming Facebook is in there somewhere, like Facebook should be on the forefront of this retarded movement for nipple equality.

Somewhere, in a darkened office a man in an expensive chair is pressing his fingertips together and cackling at modern society’s stupidity.  “They’re going for it!  Of course, I knew they would.  They always do.  Soon, there will be women’s nipples EVERYWHERE!”

Which, I guess some people think would be a good thing.  Not I, naturally.  If it becomes the norm for women’s nipples to be displayed (in ads and in real life), then seeing them becomes the expectation.  Then we’ll have males who feel even MORE entitled than they do already and I’m gonna have to bail my future daughters out of jail for blackening some jackasses eyes.  Which they will totally have deserved, not for requesting to see more boobage, but for telling my girls at some stupid college party that they should bare them for all to see because it’s normal.  And of course I will be bailing my girls out, not some chivalrous man who stepped in to do the punching for them, because you can hardly find one of those these days.  I fear for the future.

Like every stupid liberal [redundancy – I apologize] idea, this will blow up in everyone’s face.  This is why I am not okay with “Oh, you know, you do you.  Whatever.”  Well, sometimes I am, but not when stupid ideas turn in to big movements, which is what people are trying to do with this by whining on Facebook that it’s unfair and sexist and blah blah blah, totally ignoring the fact of who will benefit most from this: dudes [and I guess lesbians, but they already have them, so I dunno.  I should probably ask a lesbian. *mental note*].


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