Why I will never willingly live in California.

Reason number 1: inane regulations.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit’s about to go DOWN in San Fran, where the Presidio Social Club restaurant has defied Cali’s July 1st ban on foie gras!  Get your asses out there, foodies, and fight for your right to nosh on fattened duck (or goose) liver!

Stupid nuts are regulating duck (or goose) liver now.  I guess it’s “inhumane” or something.  Inhumane.  Pssh.  You wanna see inhumane?  Toss me a duck during a full moon.

You know what ducks are?  MEAT.  Not really the best, honestly, nor are geese… although geese should be eaten, if only for being nasty ornery wastes of space.  At least ducks are kinda pretty, and cute when they quack.

Until I eat them. 😀

That is, if duck is all that’s available.  I do prefer a big juicy cow (or a big, less juicy bison, for a less fattening treat).

I think I’m gonna go eat one instead of wasting more time wondering why the hell people like fattened duck/goose liver, and why the hell the ducks/geese, which will be eaten anyway, need regulated Jenny Craig.

Have I mentioned that some people would benefit greatly from fearing starvation?


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