Delayed Adulthood

Rutgers dipstick psychologist says HBO’s “Girls” are not failing:

“In Girls, what’s happening is that these people are exploring who they are. If they’re at home, or having sex or at a party, they’re so into their own heads, Every interaction and situation is an opportunity for miscommunication. It looks like they’re messing up, but I would say they’re not messing up; what they’re responding to is a need to answer questions about themselves: What’s their place in the world? What works in real life when school is over?”

I tried watching an episode of “Girls.”  It was fairly realistic, if being a low/no-standards slut who’s too good to work in a restaurant because she’s got a liberal arts degree (pfffffft!) and just HAS to live in New York to find herself even though she can’t afford it is realistic.

But let’s not be hard on them.  They’re not “failing” – they’re just retarded*.

If this is the new normal, I’m going to give up on humanity and live in a cave.


*What?  Retarded means slow.


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