Elizabeth Warren claims to be part Werewolf

I mean, Native American.   I mean, what?



Liz.  Even if your great-great-great-grandwhoever was a werewolf, it doesn’t mean that you will turn furry when the full moon rises.  So don’t try to claim that you understand what it’s like to get two anesthesia-free nose-jobs each month.  Or to grow a tail.  Or to be starving for protein all the damn time.  Or to get shot by hunters (okay, that one hasn’t happened to me, but I know a guy).

I know, it’s cool to be a werewolf these days.  We get awesome(ly bad) movies made about us, and people want to be like us, and it’s very flattering and all, but seriously.  You are a human.  Popularity isn’t worth being a pathetic poser.


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