Beauty Pageants

I mean, scholarship programs, focus on what women look like on the outside.  They’re not really about how many puppies a woman has saved, and they’re certainly not about her chromosomes.  As long as there’s no rule against plastic surgery, I have no problem with a man who has undergone surgery to look like a woman competing.

If they all have fake breasts, who cares?

Donald Trump clearly does not, because Jenna Talackova is being allowed to compete in that pageant, which apparently is a big deal to some people who like fake boobs.

Why do I keep writing posts about transgenderism?  Because it’s in the news so often.  And because people (on FB… yes, I can see those nasty things you say about conservatives) somehow think we all hate or feel threatened by transgendered people.

Look, you don’t have to be a werewolf to see people as people and just care about them because they’re people, and this werewolf is becoming annoyed by being (intentionally) misunderstood by liberals, so – here it is: The Conservative Werewolf’s opinion on gender identity disorder and transgenderism.

Some people’s brains and bodies aren’t on the same page about gender they are.  I don’t know why.  Someone will probably figure it out someday.  Either way, the Conservative Werewolf will not turn them into lunch because that would be highly disrespectful.  The Conservative Werewolf will treat them like other people and will be nice to them because Jesus said she should love her neighbor as herself.*

*The Conservative Werewolf reserves the right to bitch anonymously and indirectly (online) about jerkwads and lamebrains whose stupid ideas need to be pointed out as such.

The end.


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