Andrew Breitbart is gone from this world

To quote Ace of Base: “A man will die, but not his ideas.”

There’s a plethora of moving eulogies over at and the various blogs under that umbrella at the newly revamped site.  (There’s a lot of black and orange.  I’m digging it.  Wish I could email Breitbart and tell him so.) And, because I never met Andrew, they’re more meaningful than anything I could write.  But I want to say a few things anyway.

Thank you, Andrew, for fighting for the cause of truth.  I know so much about what’s going on in my country that I wouldn’t know without your hard work and courage.  You laughed in the face of opposition, called people out on their bullshit, and, oh, let’s say you “created dialogue” where there wouldn’t have been two sides to have a dialogue (or, there would have been two sides, but ours would have been quieter and lacking the facts you and your team uncovered – and, once again, run over by the big papers and networks).  It wasn’t always civil dialogue because you weren’t always very well behaved.  But you were hilarious and you were effective.  And by holding journalists accountable for their writings you gave us hope – seriously – that we could learn the truth without having to sift through clods of lies.  Imagine a world where the media is held to a high standard!  We don’t live in that world, but your sites have given us a taste of what it could be like, and I hope that, even without you here to oversee them, they will continue operating under the same high standards.  There’s a good chance they will, because you brought together so many talented people with the same goals and vision for media – truth, no matter how hard it hurts, and in service of the great United States of America.

What you started, we will continue.



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