Want to know how to make a conservative werewolf cry?

Release Afghani Gitmo prisoners in Afghanistan while our troops are still there.

Yes, the U.S. may release them “as an incentive to bring the Taliban to peace talks.”

Because that won’t (literally) blow up in our troops’ faces.

“The prisoners proposed for transfer include some of the detainees brought to Guantanamo during the initial days and weeks of the U.S. invasion that toppled the Taliban government in Afghanistan in 2001. At least one has been accused in the massacre of thousands of Shiite Muslims in Afghanistan, according to U.S. and other assessments, but none are accused of directly killing Americans.

“‘I don’t think anybody harbors any illusions about it, but I think the position is to at least explore the potential for negotiating with them as a part of this overall resolution of the situation in Afghanistan,’ Clapper said during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.”

Depending on what the Afghan government agrees to, these guys  might go to a detention center in Qatar, but Karzai doesn’t want them going directly there because it makes him look bad or something, but he  might agree to send them there if we hand them over to him, or something convoluted like that.

This isn’t definite, and of course is being opposed by congressional Republicans, who cite recidivism stats.  Check out the linked article for more details, and then watch this quick video of a Canadian run school in Afghanistan which features a girls sharing their opinions of the Taliban.


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