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As a nice werewolf (relatively speaking), I worry about stupid humans.  You know, the humans who think they’re safe because “things like that just don’t happen around here,” or that they would be safe if only guns were outlawed, not to mention the humans who think bears are cute cuddly-wuddly fwiends.

There are a lot of these idiots, who, thanks to deadbolts, airbags, THE FUCKING US MILITARY, and luck, are still with us.  We hear a lot from these fools, in newspaper editorials and online.  It’s enough to make a ravenously hungry mutant beast cry.

But occasionally, a rational human pops up and gives me hope that you won’t all get gobbled up leaving me along with the undisciplined loup garoux (who, assuming they don’t turn on each other, lol, thereby depriving me of my required socialization, will force me to be their DD every single full moon because they just can’t get their shit together).

Today’s featured human being with an in-tact self-preservation instinct is Grerp, a woman who blogs at The Lost Art of Self-Preservation (For Women).  Trust me, the promising title does not mislead – this blog is WORTH YOUR TIME.  In fact, this blog may SAVE HUMANITY.  Go, read, learn, improve.


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