Sluts are Predictable

You know girls, when I wrote “you could organize a Slut Walk,” I didn’t mean it.  I take it back.

Please stop making women look like schmucks and put on some shirts and pants.

The police told you the rapist who’s on the loose in your neighborhood has targeted women wearing skirts and dresses, so they advised you to wear pants.  OH, and not to dress like sluts.  Because it makes you more likely to be targeted by this particular rapist, based on his past assaults.

You could have said, “Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind,” whether or not you intended to alter your manner of dress, and gone about your day, after making a mental note to buy some pepper spray.

But no.  You missed the point entirely and decided it would be a good idea to walk down the street in some come-fuck-me lingerie ensembles.  Of course you didn’t mean it that way, but you have no control over how some jerkface will interpret it.  Yes, I know this isn’t Saudi Arabia – men here are used to seeing some skin and like 90-something percent of them don’t rape women.  But if you KNOW there’s one man in particular, IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, going around raping women wearing cute little skirts and dresses, why would you then walk around with your butt cheeks hanging out of your panties?  At least wear a utility belt with an assortment of legal self-defense items (OR, you could go protest for the right to carry a gun, considering this Slut Walk nonsense isn’t going to stop a rapist from trying to hurt you).

I just don’t understand humans sometimes.  Maybe being half beast gives me some insight into how less civil beings operate.  But even fucking gazelles know when to turn tail and run – they don’t parade their juicy thighs in front of drooling hyenas and expect nothing to happen.  (Clarification: most men are not drooling hyenas – however, your local neighborhood rapist IS.)  Honestly, do you not have a self-preservation instinct?

“But I should be able to wear as little as I want without anyone thinking it’s an invitation!”

Sure, that would be nice.  So would unicorns handing (hoofing?) out sandwiches to the homeless.

As long as there are violent misogynistic assholes in the world, you should be prepared to encounter one.  I don’t want any woman to live in fear, but I especially don’t want any woman to be raped or murdered.  Don’t be naive – it can get you killed.

Now go to the hardware store, buy one of those hotel-door chain/slide locks, install it*, and sign up for a self-defense class.

*If your door isn’t solid wood, you should replace it.  Seriously.  I’m worried about you.


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