Does America Get Cartoons?

OMG guys, did you know there are cartoons on TV that are not appropriate for children???  AAAAAAAIIIII! *freaks out*

Marketing “Adult Swim” fare to 12-year-olds is a dick move (Cartoon Network better thank God I’m not a mama werewolf), but America needs to learn that ANIMATION DOES NOT EQUAL FOR KIDS.

Got that?

I swear, it’s like people have never heard of Japan.

So, while anyone who thinks “Family Guy” is suitable programming for beings who breathe oxygen figures out that we should at least direct the children away from it, I’ll be watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.  The Avatar gives people hope that good television programming can actually happen (even if Hollywood can’t get it right).


3 Responses to “Does America Get Cartoons?”

  1. GO A:TLA!!! *avatard hi-five*

  2. I know right! I love the scenes in Ba SIng Se… 🙂

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