Bert & Ernie Gettin’ Hitched?

The big question is not “Should Bert and Ernie be allowed to marry?”  It is “Why force two asexual puppets into a union neither wants?”

Why?  Because neither Bert nor Ernie’s feelings are nearly as important as the potential lesson for children that the recent invention of homosexual marriage is super hunky-dory.

And maybe it is.  But honestly – there is no way Ernie is gay.  Bert, perhaps.  But not Ernie.  And they’re both likely guaranteed lifetime employment, so it’s not like they need the benefits.

A small, but related, question is “Would anyone force Elmo to marry Grover?”  Of course not.  They’re clearly not interested in each other.  And, sorry to put a damper on anyone’s gossiping fun, but neither are B & E.  They’re just roomies.  Sometimes a bromance is merely that, even when said bros were designed to resemble fruit (sometimes a banana is just a banana).  Conservative Werewolf wishes these humans who are so concerned about Bert and Ernie’s right to wed would figure out that not everything is about sex – at least not for Muppets who only sometimes have legs.


2 Responses to “Bert & Ernie Gettin’ Hitched?”

  1. All of this started when they forced that frog to marry a pig.

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