I can haz fawr President Allen West plz???

I can not haz (in 2012).  But I can dream.

Interviewer: Would you, if you could, withdraw any of the language, or, the words that you used?

Allen West: No, I wouldn’t.

Boo yah.

Conservative Werewolf has no patience for whiny little girls, and neither, it seems, does  Allen West.

Quick recap:

Allen: [leaves the room]

Debbie: Allen West wants to take Medicare away from his constituents!

Allen: [types] Bring it.

Debbie: Look at the mean email, everyone!  I mean, not like I am fazed, but still, LOOK.

Femigeese: [flock around little girl Debbie, who apparently needs protection from the big bad scary manly man, being that he is something more than the snot-nosed rat-like male turtles they are used to – seriously, what the heck is up with the woman-assaulting congressman in a tiger suit?  Feminists, your thoughts?  Feminists?  ABC News?  Anyone?]



One Response to “I can haz fawr President Allen West plz???”

  1. I laughed out loud after going to all the links, great piece.

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