First Female Human Graduated Princeton How?

Actually, edit that, considering colleges are full of illogical liberal professors who don’t actually have to take risks by testing their theories in the real world.

The question should be, was Michelle Obama so stupid before she went to Princeton, or did it happen to her there?

In AARP Magazine, she discusses explaining the US’s killing of Bin Laden to children:

“I think kids instinctively feel that ambivalence—is this good or is this bad? And then you have to explain in a way that says it’s not good, but it’s good. The older kids, I think, get it. It’s a convoluted set of concepts. But I think they understand, when it’s placed in context.”

Oh God.  Where to start?

If kids are ambivalent about the death of Bin Laden, it’s because THEY DON’T FRICKIN’ REMEMBER 9/11!  They didn’t have their worlds shattered when their parents had to jump to their deaths out 70-something story windows to avoid being burned alive (Suffocating while falling, or roasting?  That’s a tough decision to make in a pinch).  Even kids who live across the country and don’t know anyone personally affected were freaked the hell out.  Why?  Because it happened in their country, the one they thought was safe from terrorist attacks.  If it happened in Manhattan and DC, it could happen in Kansas City (or, say, a field in Pennsylvania).

Of course killing Bin Laden was good because it kept him from brainstorming more mass-death causing attacks.  Convoluted set of concepts, my furry-tailed ass.  Let me simplify: killing people is bad, except when that person is 1) guilty of killing someone, or 2) about to kill someone.  Killing a guy who lives to make his dream of seeing you decapitated, with your guts spilling out all over the White House steps, come true, is actually a GOOD THING.  Like Martha Stewart Living cover-worthy.

Shyte, woman, you are a stupid broad.  But you know what?  I’d kill a terrorist any day to keep you alive.  I’d even do it for your stupid ass socialist husband, and I wouldn’t take two seconds to consider any supposed “complexities” because there would BE NO COMPLEXITIES.  I’d make the ID, verify it, make sure I had the shot, and take it (this is all assuming I’d be allowed to carry a gun – if not, well, you better hope it’s a full moon).  And you know how I’d feel afterward?

Pretty fucking great.

Having to kill people sucks.  But not killing the person who wants you dead, and has proven thousands of times over he has the capability, is stupid.

Honestly, you want to live, right?  Are you sure you don’t need a Zoloft?  You looked pretty happy on vacay in your ugly dresses, so I don’t think that’s the problem, is it?  Oh, I see.  Keeping you alive is a job for lowly people, like the Secret Service.   People too ignorant to be disturbed by the complexities.

Conservative Werewolf does not understand this human.


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