Thaddeus McCotter’s Name is THADDEUS MCCOTTER

and he has a vocabulary to match.



He shows the vocab off better in other speeches (and Red Eye appearances) but I present this speech for the following reasons:

1.) It’s recent;

2.) He covers a wide range of hot topics (such as Obamacare, Net Neutrality and Cap and Trade)…

3.) …at a conference about how great it is that Republicans are learning to use the Internet (sounds like pre-campaigning to the werewolf); and

4.) when asked, he hasn’t said he won’t run for president.

To Dennis Miller he said the thought is there (where? presumably in his shiny head), although to another interviewer he did mention a drawback of being president: giving up his remaining privacy.  But he may jump in and it behooves us to familiarize ourselves with the players, so here you are, Michigan Representative Thaddeus McCotter, dour yet hilarious as usual.


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